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Airports in Albania, Airlines in Albania

Albania is sited on the Adriatic Sea towards the eastern shore, Macedonia to the east, Greece to the south and Serbia and Montenegro to the north.

Albania is a sleeping beauty as its beaches are unspoilt by the tourism throng and is not throttled by car fumes.

This makes Albania a unique place ideal for vacation. There are not many airports in Albania.

But the sole Albania international airport, Tirana airport is commonly well known as Rinas airport and has an influx of tourists increasing every year.

Rinas Express is operated within every hour between the airport and the Tirana National Museum. Albania international airport welcomes numerous airlines from varied world destinations and is the premier airport of the country.

The crew of world airlines comprises Emirates Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa Airlines. Albanian airlines operate to all the significant European cities. Taxis, car hire, light refreshments, a duty-free shop and bank are there to facilitate the tourists arriving at the airports in Albania.

List of Top Airports in Albania
Rinas Mother Teresa (TIA)

A departure tax of $10 is charged from foreign nationals. The other airlines that arrive at the Albania airport are Adria airways, Hemus Air, JAT airways, Malev Hungarian Airlines and Albanian airlines.

Car parking is facilitated for long as well as short terms.Visitors coming from far and wide can look for cheap flights to Albania in the late hours of night. Cheap flights to Albania helps in cost cutting the travel expenses and hence having a flexible itinerary schedule will serve the purpose.

There are ferry connections to many adjacent places run by Agoudimos and Adriatica Line. There are adequate bus services to Sofia, Istanbul as well as Athens. Visiting Albania will allow the visitors to capture a glance of their distinct Albanian culture that has emerged as a result of separation as well as hardship.

Apart from this the bleak mountains as well as the tranquil atmosphere will certainly keep the tourists enthralled.

Airport Hotels in Albania