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Airports in Algeria, Airlines in Algeria

Algeria acquired its name owing to its location sited on the Sahel hills slopes. The chief seat from the day of establishment is of the Barbary pirates.

This country suffered loss of numerous people during their independence struggle and attained their independence in 1962 from France.

The tourists are facilitated with numerous flights operating from Algeria to Djaner, Ghardia and Tamanrasset.

There are flights operating to oil settlements and smaller towns. The capital of Algeria, Algiers is prominent for its Algeria international airport.

The airports are used for defense and civilian purposes. Similarly, international and domestic flights to Algeria are operated equally.This airport in Algeria is 20km towards east of Algiers.

It is well facilitated as many trains, taxis and buses are available from and to the airport.This Algeria international airport is featured with Bank, shops, tourist information, bureau de change, post office, car hire and restaurants. The other airports in Algeria are Oran, Annaba and Constantine.

List of Top Airports in Algeria
Adrar (AZR) Houari Boumediene (ALG) Les Salines (AAE)
Batna (BLJ) Leger (CBH) Bejaia (BJA)
Biskra (BSK) Bordj Badji Mokhtar (BMW) Ain Eddis (BUJ)
Ain El Bey (CZL) Inedbirenne (DJG) Djamet (ELG)
Guemar (ELU) Gara Djebilet (GBB) Noumerate (GHA)
Oued Irara Apt (HME) Illizi (VVZ) In Amenas (IAM)
Newark Liberty International (INF) In Salah (INZ) Jijel (GJL)
Kouba (KDF) Laghouat (LOO) Mascara (MUW)
Mechria (MZW) Mostaganem (MQV) Es Senia (ORN)
Tafaraoui (TAF) Ain Beida (OGX) Setif (QSF)
Sidi Belabbes (BFW) Skikda (SKI) Aguemar (TMR)
Tbessa (TEE) Bouchekif Abde Al-hafidh Boussof (TID) Timimoun (TMX)
Tindouf (TIN) Zenata (TLM) Touggourt (TGR)

Oran is at a distance of 10 km from the city with facilities such as Bank, car hire and limited catering. Annaba has bus service within every 30 minutes to the city. Taxis and coach service is also available.
Constantine is at a distance of 9km from the city and the bus and taxi links are astonishing.

This airport has limited facilities.The number of cheap flights to Algeria during the weekends and holidays are very difficult. However, visitors having flexible schedule can travel during mid-week and avail cheap flights to Algeria during late hours of the night.

As the distance from London to Algiers takes only 2 hours and 15 minutes, tourists arriving to Algeria during vacations in huge numbers are common. The airport also is equipped with tour desks, help desks, faxing as well as other business facilities.

This helps the business travelers to a great extent. The runways and air traffic controls are also advanced. Special facilities to disabled are offered.

Airport Hotels in Algeria