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Airports in Brunei, Airlines in Brunei

Brunei is a petite state with minimum population towards the northern coast of Borneo. Brunei experiences high standard of living owing to the sizeable deposits of gas and oil.

Being the wealth of oil resources, it has visitors from various parts of the world and this increases the need for Brunei international airports.

There is only one Brunei international airport, Bandar Seri Begawan situated towards the south of the city.

However, the internal air services are not facilitated and the only national airline that is operating is the Royal Brunei Airlines.Purple taxis are available at the arrival hall gate and takes to the city within 15 to 25 minutes.

Visitors can get it booked from the airport by insisting on paying the official rates or they may have to pay more than 30% to the avaricious drivers. The buses that ply from and to the airport from the bus station and to the city centre are available in every 30 minutes.

List of Top Airports in Brunei
Bandar Seri Begwan International Airport (BWN)

The buses are less expensive, but the frequency is unreliable and hence the taxis are found to be convenient and reliable. As it is the only airport, the opportunity of acquiring cheap flights to Brunei is a bit difficult. It is not totally impossible, as cheap flights to Brunei can be availed during mid-week days.

The airports in Brunei are well facilitated with bank, duty free shops, restaurants, bureaux de change, shops and bars. The taxis leaving from the car parking of the airport charge lower rates. There are adequate airport taxis as well as taxis are available in most shopping centers and hotels.

There is no obligation of tipping. The airports in Brunei have no car rental offices and hence pre-arranging is recommended. The arrival areas have luggage locker facilities, tourist information, post office, duty free shops, ATMs, hotel reservation desk and enough facilities for disabled passengers.

The departure tax for flights to Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia is BND5 and BND12 to all other places.

Airport Hotels in Brunei