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Airports in Cayman Islands , Airlines in Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands comprise of three tiny islands of the British overseas territory. However, there are lots in this tiny nation to spend quality time.

The airports in Grand Cayman experience good traffic from various parts of the world.

Especially, the passenger airport Owen Roberts International airport and Gerrard Smith International airports are the popular Grand Cayman International airports that are sited 1.5 miles towards the east of George Town on the Grand Cayman Island.

The security checks that are offered at these airports are very fast and also efficient.There are flights to Edward Bodden Airfield. This is a grass airstrip with long runway.

List of Top Airports in Cayman Islands
Gerrard-Smith (CYB) Owen Roberts International (GCM) Little Cayman (LYB)

The other airlines arriving at the airports in Grand Cayman providing international services to Cayman Islands are Air Canada, American Airlines, Air Jamaica, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Cayman Airways, Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and US Airways. As there are so many airlines operating, during off-seasons they offer cheap flights to Grand Cayman.

Many travelers in fact, wait for such offers so that they can travel in minimum budget.Grand Cayman is identical to any other American place. There is ubiquitous jostle for parking lots space in the large malls. The queen’s portrait flutters this union Jack at times and this is the only difference that is quite apparent.The sister islands Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are notable and worth visiting.

The Grand Cayman International airports are featured with duty free shops, cafes, restaurants, banks, ATMs and even cars are available on hire to facilitate the travelers reach their accommodation places.The long coastline and the other areas of the island are worth exploring. The life here runs at a slow pace, whether it is bird watching or hiking, snorkeling or diving, everything is done slowly and with leisure.

However, regardless of the fact that the travelers get cheap flights to Grand Cayman or not, there are visitors who also frequent these charming and independent islands boasting of quieter charms.

Airport Hotels in Cayman Islands