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Airports in Channel Islands, Airlines in Channel Islands

Channel Islands are situated near the Normandy and Brittany coast. They are not considered to be a part of the United Kingdom officially.

Since 1066 have been British completely. The airports in Channel Islands represent only one, the Jersey airport.

The facilities that are offered are a bank, an ATM, a bar, duty free shopping, gift shop, newsagent, VIP lounge, car rentals and a tourist help desk. The disabled passengers receive facilities such as wheel chairs at the airport.

The car parking at this airport operates as per a ‘pay station’ system. There are shuttles that offer transport from the airport to the city. Taxis too operate from the city from the airport.The Jersey airport is the gateway to this island and is offers convenient and cheap flights to Channel Islands and other English Channel islands.

List of Top Airports in Channel Islands

Jersey airport is famous among tourists as well as business travelers. This airport has only one terminal and hence is the main base for its airline, Blue Islands that flies to various adjacent destinations including the Isle of Man and Guernsey.

Jersey is one of the Channel Islands international airports that have over one and a half million visitors arriving as well as departing from this airport annually. The Channel Islands international airport operates more than 80000 flights in a year.Jersey airport is facilitated with a postal service within the terminal. As Channel Islands experience a pleasant climate and are ideal for a sea vacation.

They are augmenting their importance as financial centre and this will definitely instigate the development of more airports in Channel Islands and cheap flights to Channel Islands. The main island, the Jersey zoo, great beaches and the relaxed resorts are certainly an authentic getaway for tourists. The security checks that are offered at this airport are very systematic.

The passengers and the luggage are checked quickly and with a lot of precision. The tourist information desks at this airport provide very accurate information.

Airport Hotels in Channel Islands