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Airports in Chile, Airlines in Chile

Chile is believed to be a blessed place in the earth according to a Chilean legend.

Chile has plethora of attractions such as splendid national parks comprising of Easter Island popular for its giant statues and various activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

The airport that is present in the capital city of Santiago. Bus services are offered to connect this airport to the city.The disabled passengers are offered special care and facilities such as wheel chairs.

The security checks at this airport are very efficient.The European heritage is apparent throughout Chile and the tourists enjoy the culture here as it gives a familiar feeling than any other neighboring country.

List of Top Airports in Chile
Alto Palena (WAP) Ancud (ZUD) Cerro Moreno (ANF)
Chacalluta (ARI) Teniente Vidal (BBA) El Loa (CJC)
Gamboa (WCA) Cerro Sombrero (SMB) Chaiten (WCH)
Chanaral (CNR) Chile Chico (CCH) Chillan (YAI)
Cochrane (LGR) Carriel Sur (CCP) Chamonate (CPO)
Coquimbo (COW) Ten. Vidal (GXQ) Mataveri Intl (IPC)
El Salvador (ESR) Frutillar (FRT) Futaleufu (FFU)
Cavancha (IQQ) La Florida (LSC) Los Andes (LOB)
Los Angeles (LSQ) Canal Balo (ZOS) Ovalle (OVL)
Porvenir (WPR) Pucon (ZPC) Puerto Aisen (WPA)
Tepual (PMC) Teniente J. Gallardo (PNT) Puerto Varas (PUX)
Puerto Williams (WPU) Pres Ibanez (PUQ) Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)
Los Cerrillos (ULC) Talca (TLX) Taltal (TTC)
Maquehue (ZCO) Barriles (TOQ) Pichoy (ZAL)
Vallenar (VLR) Valparaiso (VAP) Victoria (ZIC)
Vina del Mar (KNA)

Airports in Chile are not many in numbers, but are well equipped with banks, ATMs, retail stores, cafes, bars, restaurants, duty free shops, internet centers, post office, travel agencies, bureaux de change, hotel reservations and other tourist information.

Hence travelers have to totally rely on the Chile international airport that operates flights. Santiago international is the Chile international airport that is situated in the region of Santiago. This airport is sited nearly 13miles towards the north west of Santiago. Chile offers its guests excellent seafood, wines, unique shopping and handicrafts and typical architecture that is truly memorable.

The Chilean hospitality enhances the natural beauty as well as the interesting combination of cultures.Airport in Chile has numerous bus services to the city center. There are airport taxis available from the domestic as well as international arrivals. Car rentals from international companies namely Alamo and Avis offer excellent service to their guests.

However, travelers enjoy traveling in cheap flights to Chile in the aim of saving money. Passengers having a passport from Canada, Australia, Mexico or United states pay a reciprocity tax in the airport entrance. Such passengers try their level best and keep their itinerary flexible so that they can avail cheap flights to Chile.

The tax charges are Canada: US$32, Australians: US$56, Mexicans: US$15 and US Nationals: US$100.

Airport Hotels in Chile