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Airports in China, Airlines in China

China is a magnificent cultural treasure sited in eastern Asia. Beijing is not only the capital city, but is also one of the beautiful cultural centers.

There are many airports in china in all sizes and types perfectly in operation.

The China international airports are the Shanghai Pudong International airport, Beijing Capital International airport and the Guangzhou Baiyun International airport.

The Beijing airport offers facilities such as telephones, eating options, ATMs, shops, entertainment centers, food center and facilities for massages. The disabled are provided good services. It is always better if the passengers contact their airlines before their departure for information.

List of Top Airports in China
Yun Cheng (YCU) Aksu (AKU) Altay (AAT)
An Shun/Huang Guo Shu (AVA) Ankang (AKA) Anqing (AQG)
Anshan (AOG) Anyang (AYN) Bangda (BPX)
Baoshan (BSD) Baotou (BAV) Beihai (BHY)
Nanyuan Airport (NAY) Bengbu (BFU) Changchun (CGQ)
Changde (CGD) Changhai (CNI) Changsha (CSX)
Huanghua International (HHA) Changzhi (CIH) Changzhou (CZX)
Chaoyang Airport (CHG) Shuangliu (CTU) Chifeng (CIF)
Chongqing Jiangbei International (CKG) Dali (DLU) Dalian (DLC)
Dandong (DDG) Datong (DAT) Daxian (DAX)
Dayong (DYG) Dazu (DZU) Diqing (DIG)
Dongguan (DGM) Dongsheng (DSN) Dongying (DOY)
Dunhuang (DNH) Enshi (ENH) Foshan Ferry (ZCP)
Fuoshan (FUO) Fuyang (FUG) Fuyun (FYN)
Fuzhou (FOC) Ganzhou (KOW) Golmud (GOQ)
Gonggar/Lhasa (LXA) Guang Yuan (GYS) Guanghan (GHN)
Guanghua (LHK) New Baiyun (CAN) Guilin (KWL)

Beijing is one of the China International Airports sited in the northeast of Beijing. It is the aviation gateway of Beijing as well as for international communication. As it is featured with civil aviation network, it is the busiest airport. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is sited in Shanghai east and covers an area of 40 sq km.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, is the new Airport that is constructed in compliance to the hub airport. This is one of the best equipped, modernized civil air terminals in China that serves 112 destinations at home. This airport also operates 152 international, domestic and regional air routes.

This is one of the prominent airports in China that has air hub with global connections. Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines are the home carriers of the airport.China is a populous country and houses a very large population. China is worth visiting and so tourists should look for cheap flights to China,

So that they can utilize the same money in purchasing souvenirs. The security checks that are conducted at these airports are very strict. The passengers are to pass through a detection passage. The baggage of the tourists is X-rayed. This is a routine procedure and requires some co-operation from the passengers.

The possibility of availing cheap flights to China is during the off-seasons and working days between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Airport Hotels in China
Beijing Chengdu Chongqing
Dalian Guangzhou Hangzhou
Nanjing Qingdao Sanya
Shanghai Shenzhen Suzhou
Tianjin Wuhan Xian