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Airports in Colombia, Airlines in Colombia

Colombia is a silent country. However, there is more than what meets the eye.

Within Columbia, there are frequent media reports of drug dealings, shootouts between rival gangs, kidnappings, violent crime and coca fields.

This has not affected the spirit of tourism and tourists keep coming to the Columbia international airports.

There are many flights that offer connectivity to Columbia. In particular, there are several cheap flights to Columbia that are used by the tourists who visit Columbia.The most notable Columbia international airport is the El Dorado airport.

This airport is situated outside the Columbian city of Bogotá.The airports in Columbia have excellent bus facility running frequently between two terminals.

List of Top Airports in Colombia
Acandi (ACD) Acaricuara (ARF) Aguaclara (ACL)
Amalfi (AFI) Andes (ADN) Apartado (APO)
Apiay (API) Araracuara (ACR) Arauca (AUC)
Arauquita (ARQ) Arboletas (ARO) Arica (ACM)
El Eden (AXM) Ayacucho (AYC) Ayapel (AYA)
Bahia Cupica (BHF) Bahia Solano (BSC) Barranca De Upia (BAC)
Variguies (EJA) Barrancominas (NBB) E Cortissoz (BAQ)
Eldorado International (BOG) Palo Negro (BGA) Buenaventura (BUN)
Alfonso B. Aragon (CLO) Candilejas (CJD) Capurgana (CPB)
Caquetania (CQT) Carimagua (CCO) Rafael Nunez (CTG)
Cartago (CRC) Caruru (CUO) Casuarito (CSR)
Caucasia (CAQ) Chaparral (CPL) Chigorodo (IGO)
Chivolo (IVO) Cimitarra (CIM) Codazzi (DZI)
Mandinga (COG) Corozal (CZU) Covenas (CVE)
Cravo Norte (RAV) Camilo Dazo (CUC) Currillo (CUI)
El Bagre (EBG) San Bernado (ELB) El Charco (ECR)
El Encanto (ECO) El Recreo (ELJ) El Yopal (EYP)

There are taxis available at the terminals. Passengers have to book their taxis and the fare is agreed in advance. The traveling time taken is 35 minutes. There are public buses serving the airport. Visitors are requested to make arrangement with hosts or hotels to pick up.

There are car rentals available at the airport, but driving is risky in Colombia and hence visitors are recommended to hire car rentals with driver, and self-driving should be avoided.The airport features two passenger terminals and ATMs. There are counters to change cash cheques at good rates.

The other Columbian airports that serve the international flights are the Rafael Nunez airport, the Ernesto Cortissoz airport , the Jose Maria Codova airport, San Andres airport and Alfonso Bonilla Aragon airport. The other airlines operating the airports in Columbia are Air France, British Airways, American Airlines, Continental, Copa, Iberia and TACA.

Owing to the operation of flights of numerous airlines, the cheap flights to Columbia are offered at rare occasions. The airports features snack bars, handcrafts shops and restaurants on the first floor. The best advantage is the customs area dispenses free Colombian coffee and there are many duty-free shopping.

Departure tax of US$28 is charged and subsequently US$19 is paid as a revenue fee for tourists staying more than two months. This payment can be done in Us dollars of pesos.

Airport Hotels in Colombia
Bogota Cartagena