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Airports in Corsica, Airlines in Corsica

Corsica is shaped identical to vine-ripened bunch grapes. Corsica is covered with green chestnut as well as pine forests, fragrant scrubland, pastures and mountain ranges.

Corsica international airports experience good traffic during holidays and vacations.

Tourists coming here include the business as well as pleasure travelers. The coastline curls to 1000km towards the seaside towns.

The glistening beaches and the plunging cliffs are some of the splendid attractions. The airports receive quite some tourists all the time. There are special facilities offered to the disabled passengers such as wheelchairs.

They are also taken good care of by the staff at the airport.The main airports in Corsica are Bastia, Ajaccio, Calvi and Figari.

List of Top Airports in Corsica

Air France operates flights from Lyon and Paris to all the airports in Corsica, but for Figari airport. Air France has regular flights from London to all the main Corsica International airports. The best advantage is because it operates seasonal flights from Lille, Bordeaux, Mulhouse, Nantes and Strasbourg to Ajaccio or Bastia. Such seasonal operations offer cheap flights to Corsica during non-peak times.

All these flights fly throughout the year. Corsica has visitors during summer, but the winter experiences slow services in transport as well as other activities.The visitors should plan their schedule properly so that they enjoy their visit. Corsica is facilitated with well equipped accommodations suitable to all ranges from plush to modest and budget hotels.

People traveling on shoe-string budget, look for cheap flights to Corsica and travel accordingly. Their main aim is to visit a place and spend some quality time and hence they opt for inexpensive stay as well. The security check that is carried out at these airports is very strict yet fast. The transportation to the airport is by taxis and the public transportation system.

Car rentals are offered from the airports by numerous companies. The airlines that provide their services to Corsica are Compagnie Corse Méditerranée and Air France.

Airport Hotels in Corsica