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Airports in Cuba, Airlines in Cuba

The name of the country Cuba may bring images of the great political leader of the country namely Fidel Castro.

There are several other things to be seen in Cuba and as the Cuba international airports are the gateways for the tourists it is of esteem importance.

The airports in Cuba are located in the major Cuban cities. There may be some restrictions in traveling to Cuba in certain countries such as U.S.A. In such cases, it is best to fly to some other destination and reach Cuba.

There are three different airports in Havana itself. The Jose Marti International Airport is named in the honor of Jose Marti, the Cuban patriot and poet. The airports in Cuba were constructed using Canadian aid and are the major domestic and international airport.

List of Top Airports in Cuba
Baracoa (BCA) C.M. de Cespedes (BYM) Ign Agramonte Intl (CMW)
Cayo Coco (CCC) Cayo Largo Del Sur (CYO) Maximo Gomez (AVI)
Cienfuegos (CFG) Guantanamo NAS (NBW) Los Canos (GAO)
Jose Marti Intl (HAV) Playa Baracoa (UPB) Frank Pais (HOG)
La Coloma (LCL) Las Tunas (VTU) Sierra Maestra (MZO)
Kawama (VRO) Mayajigua (MJG) Orestes Acosta (MOA)
Nicaro (ICR) Rafael Cabrera (GER) Preston (PST)
Punta Alegre (UPA) Punta De Maisi (UMA) San Julian (SNJ)
Sancti Spiritus (USS) Abel Santa Maria (SNU) Antonio Maceo (SCU)
Siguanea (SZJ) Trinidad (TND) Juan Gualberto Gomez (VRA)

The other airports are the Cayo Cayo airport, Maximo Gomez Airport and the Siguanea Airport.The Cuba international airports offer plenty of services. The facilities that feature the airports are duty free shops, pharmacy and even foreign exchange facilities. The bus services are available from all the terminals and taxis are also available conveniently.

The airport also facilitates with bars, restaurants, duty-free shops, travel agencies and internet access.The car parking area entertains short term parking. The departure tax is charged from each passenger as 25 CUCs. These airports are well-known to maintain the international standards and hence provide excellent service to their passengers.

The disabled passengers are also facilitated with wheel chairs and proper and adequate assistance.Some of the other features of this airport are that it functions as the Cuban Aviacion and Aerogaviota center. The Terminal 3 of this airport is quite modern and receives commercial flights. The cheap flights to Cuba are one of the avenues that bring lots of tourist into Cuba.

There are several cheap flights to Cuba to serve the many people who come to Cuba on a strict pre-defined budget.

Airport Hotels in Cuba