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Airports in Estonia, Airlines in Estonia

Estonia is the smallest among the Baltic countries and it makes the presence felt as it is bestowed with lovely seaside towns, marshlands, verdant forests and quaint country villages.

All these attractions lure tourists and results in increase in the number of tourists in the airports in Estonia and also in the travelers in Estonia international airports.

There are facilities offered in the airports such as ATMs, currency exchange, post office, a bar, a snack bar, a duty free shop, travel agencies, a beauty salon and business lounges. The security checks offered at the airport are very quick and capable.

The international gateway of Estonia is Tallinn and apart from this there are direct flights daily to and from all significant Scandinavian as well as Baltic cities.

List of Top Airports in Estonia
Kardla (KDL) Kuressaare (URE) Parnu (EPU)
Pirita Harbour (QUF) Ulemiste (TLL) Tartu (TAY)

Besides, there are also direct flights from prime European hubs such as London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris. There are flights connecting Kiev and Moscow. The Estonian Air is the local carrier offering half the services and the rest of the services are provided by Lufthansa, SAS, CSA, LOT and Air Baltic.

One of the cheap flights to Estonia is the Easyjet offering service to major European cities. Travelers can pay US$160 or 80 for a round trip from London to Tallinn and this is one of the cheap flights to Estonia that offers at very economical prices.The ferry services are also excellent and facilitate the combination of air travel.

There are daily domestic flights from Tallinn and the national carrier links major cities in Russia and Europe at affordable prices. This is one of the reasons that the airports in Estonia and the Estonia international airports are very busy and experience heavy traffic. Helicopters are also run between Tallinn and Helsinki, but are expensive.

The nightclubs present a glimpse of the sexy side and visitors cannot escape this undeniable allure. There is no departure tax that has to be paid by the tourists.

Airport Hotels in Estonia