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Airports in Ethiopia, Airlines in Ethiopia

The journey to Ethiopia is awe-inspiring as well as heartbreaking. Due to economic drawbacks, none can expect a lot of airports in Ethiopia.

The only international airport is outside the city of Addis Ababa at a distance of 5 miles.

The facilities that are offered at this airport are currency exchange facilities, a bank, bars, restaurants, post office, gift shops, tourist information desk, travel agents and duty free shops. Taxis, car rentals and even coaches are available from the airport to access the city.

The disabled passengers receive a lot of attention and their demands are quickly met.The Bole International airport is the only Ethiopia international airport.

List of Top Airports in Ethiopia
Bole International (ADD) Arba Mintch (AMH) Asela (ALK)
Asosa (ASO) Awareh (AWH) Awassa (AWA)
Axum (AXU) Bahar Dar (BJR) Beica (BEI)
Bulchi (BCY) Buno Bedelle (XBL) Chagni (MKD)
Debra Marcos (DBM) Debra Tabor (DBT) Degahbur (DGC)
Dembidollo (DEM) Combolcha (DSE) Aba Tenna D Yilma (DIR)
Fincha (FNH) Gambela (GMB) Geladi (GLC)
Genda Wuha (ETE) Ghimbi (GHD) Ghinnir (GNN)
Goba (GOB) Gode/Iddidole (GDE) Gondar (GDQ)
Gore (GOR) Humera (HUE) Indaselassie (SHC)
Jigiga (JIJ) Jimma (JIM) Jinka (BCO)
Kabri Dar (ABK) Kelafo (LFO) Lalibela (LLI)
Makale (MQX) Mekane Selam (MKS) Mena (MZX)
Mendi (NDM) Misrak Gashamo (MHJ) Mizan Teferi (MTF)
Mota (OTA) Moyale (MYS) Mui (MUJ)
Neghelli (EGL) Nejjo (NEJ) Nekemt (NEK)
Beles (PWI) Semera Airport (SZE) Shakiso (SKR)

The airline offices that exist are British airways, Djibouti airlines, Daallo airlines, Egypt air, Kenya airways, Lufthansa, Sudan airways, Saudi Arabian airlines and Yemenia. The Ethiopia international airport welcomes all its visitors with warmth and hospitality. There are hotels to accommodate and to relax, though they may lack other entertaining activities.

Travelers coming here look for cheap flights to Ethiopia in the aim of saving that money and funding to some of the Ethiopians. Tourists coming to this destination book their accommodation in advance.Ethiopia is poor monetarily and traveling here is surely tough, physically as well as mentally. There are security checks that are offered in this airport. These security checks are very strict and also fast.

The passengers and their luggage are checked with a lot of speed. Ethiopia is now trying to develop at a fast rate, but it looks like it may definitely take some decades to show some improvement in the form of developing more airports in Ethiopia. Cheap flights to Ethiopia are given without much bargain in the late night flights. There is a departure of US$20 that is levied on all the tourists who leave by international flights.

However, people traveling to Ethiopia should come prepared to see the worse conditions but they will be rewarded with some nice sights.

Airport Hotels in Ethiopia