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Airports in Finland, Airlines in Finland

Finland is incredibly exciting and although it is economically and socially in the vanguard of nations, several parts of Finland is gloriously remote.

There are many Finland international airports, but mostly all the flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki Vantaa airport that is sited towards the north of the capital.

Some of these airline companies offer cheap flights to Finland during late night hours.The facilities that are offered in these airports are restaurants, bars, cafes, ATMs, Internet kiosks and duty free shops.The disabled tourists are provided with a lot of care so that they do not feel inconvenient.

The Finland airports have car rentals that offer cars at low rates to the tourists. The security levels at the airports are very high. The tourists are thoroughly checked.

List of Top Airports in Finland
Enontekio (ENF) Helsinki-malmi (HEM) Hyvinkaa (HYV)
Ivalo (IVL) Joensuu (JOE) Varkaus (VRK)
Jyvaskyla (JYV) Kajaani (KAJ) Kauhajoki (KHJ)
Kauhava (KAU) Kemi/Tornio (KEM) Kitee (KTQ)
Kittila (KTT) Kruunupyy (KOK) Bus Station (QVY)
Kuopio (KUO) Halli (KEV) Kuusamo (KAO)
Lappeenranta (LPP) Mariehamn (MHQ) Mikkeli (MIK)
Oulu (OUL) Pori (POR) Rovaniemi (RVN)
Savonlinna (SVL) Ilmajoki (SJY) Sodankyla (SOT)
Tampere-pirkkala (TMP) Turku (TKU) Vaasa (VAA)
Utti (UTI) Helsinki-vantaa (HEL) Ylivieska (YLI)

The other Finland international airports are Tampere, Oulu, Turku, Vaasa and Rovaniemi. The flight connections are good as many flights come from throughout the world. Finnair is the national carrier and SAS have regular flights to major European cities.

There are flights to New York, Cairo, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, Osaka, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tokyo. There are also many nonstop flights as well. However, the airports in Finland are well facilitated and some of these flights offer cheap flights to Finland during off seasons.

Airlines flying from and to Finland are Adria airways, Air Baltic, Air France, Air Finland, American airlines, Blue 1, Austrian airlines, Aeroflot Russian airlines, British airways, FlyMe, Iberia, European Executive Express, Lufthansa, Lithuanian airlines, Ryanair, SN Brussels airlines, Swiss international and Czech Airlines.

Visitors coming to Finland have lots to engage such as the Finnish towns, the wooden churches, quirky museums or rock music. They can get entertained in the warm cafes with the aroma of cinnamon and their nightlife is boisterous. There is no departure tax to be paid by the tourists.

The airports in Finland are facilitated with car rentals, banks, duty free shopping areas and restaurants.

Airport Hotels in Finland
Helsinki Tampere Vantaa