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Airports in Grenada Island, Airlines in Grenada Island

Grenada Island is shaped elliptically and has a rain forested interior. They also have beaches lining the coast and scuba diving is done below the surface.

The United States of America invaded Grenada in the 1980s, but this is very old news as hurricane obliterated Grenada in 2004.

Yet, life moves on and this place was rebuilt with their individual efforts. Visitors coming here have to reach Point Salines airport, the Grenada International airport. The disabled passengers who come to this airport are taken special care of and their demands are immediately met.

The level of security at this airport is always high. The luggage of the tourists and even the tourists are checked carefully.The airport in Grenada, especially the Grenada International airport is well facilitated with car-rental offices, ATM, pay phones, restaurant and Wi-fi.

List of Top Airports in Grenada Island

The arrival section has a tourist office prior to reaching the immigration. The transportation to the airport is by means of the services that are offered taxis and buses. The airlines flying from and to Grenada are Air Jamaica, British Airways, American Eagle, Virgin Atlantic and Liat.

These airlines offer cheap flights to Grenada during the mid week and that too during late night hours.The SVG Air comprises of private air charters as well as scheduled flights to Union Island, Grenada, Mustique, Vincent, Dominica, Palm Island, St Vincent and Barbados. The flights get fully booked at times during vacations or holidays.

Under such circumstances, organizing a group and splitting the cost of charter flights allows the travelers to fly in cheap flights to Grenada. The largest town is St.George with its picturesque waterfronts in the entire Caribbean. Carriacou is a petite isle endearing locals with a diverse village life augmenting the sublime scenery. There are stone buildings and forts of the forgotten times.

The airport in Grenada has desk in the airport to help with tickets, car rentals as well as other essentials for travel.

Airport Hotels in Grenada Island