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Airports in Grenadines , Airlines in Grenadines

Grenadines and St. Vincent evokes emotive response of exotic visions and idyllic island life.

This is an island chain that is deep inside the Caribbean Sea. ET Joshua airport is one of the airports in Grenadines that is considered to be the entry point for several travelers.

The facilities that are offered at these airports are restaurants, bar, duty free shops and car hire. Reaching the airport is facilitated by the services of buses and taxis. A departure tax of EC$40 is levied upon the international tourists.

However, this tax is exempted for the tourists who leave on the same day and even for children who are below 12 years of age. Security is considered as the top priority in the airport and therefore security checks are carried out all the time.

List of Top Airports in Grenadines

There are lots of international flights connecting Grenadines and many travelers shift to ocean travel from here. The airport in Grenadines is small and presents with very little facilities than an information kiosk that is available in the arrival hall. The Grenadines International airport is also referred to the ET Joshua airport and a departure tax of EC$40 is charged from all the departing passengers.

The runway of SVG is very small and hence no direct flights land here.The international passengers have to fly to a neighboring island and switch to another plane. The airlines flying from and to SVG are American Eagle, Liat, Mustique Airways and SVG Air. Cheap flights to Grenadines are available only during mid working days.

This big island called Grenadine has changed from the hustle and traffic to smattering tiny islands that is waiting to be explored. There are budget hideaways to escape from the routine and visitors can lead a king’s style of life in the income of a pauper. Cheap flights to Grenadines is available as there is not much traffic.

However the Grenadines international airport remains busy as many other flights coming from other parts of the world come here.

Airport Hotels in Grenadines