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Airports in Guadeloupe, Airlines in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe blends with France in having contemporary infrastructure as well as fantastic food.

The people living here are proud of their culture. This is the most developed Caribbean islands. The airports in Guadeloupe are very few.

These airports focus a lot on their security and therefore security checks are carried out on all passengers.

The disabled passengers receive a lot of help and support from the airport staff. The methods of transportation to these airports are by buses and taxis.

The airports within Guadeloupe connect it with the other smaller islands by means of internal flights.The Guadeloupe International airport is the Guadeloupe Le Raizet Airport.

List of Top Airports in Guadeloupe
Baillif (BBR) La Desirade (DSD) Les Bases (GBJ)
Le Raizet (PTP) St Barthelemy (SBH) St Francois (SFC)
Grand Case (CCE) Marigot SPB (MSB) Terre-de-Bas (HTB)
Terre-de-Haut (LSS)

This airport is towards the north of Pointe-a-Pitre that is at a distance of 6 km from the city center. Travelers arriving at modern airports may find it unique to expect rural airstrips with rural patches all around. The Guadeloupe international airport has tourist information desk, restaurants, car-rental booths, money-change bureaus and ATMs.The immigration officers are very fast as well as professional. They help the travelers in the best possible ways.

The airlines operating flights are Air Antilles Express, Air France, Air Canada. American Airlines, Air Caraibes, Corsairfly and Liat.The hiking trails offer adventure and the gourmets as well as sun worshippers can look for other places to recharge. Guadeloupe comprises of many petite archipelagos. The availability for cheap flights to Guadeloupe is looked by budget travelers and also shoe-string travelers.

They desire to travel at inexpensive rates and also do not mind accommodating in any of the budget hotels. But, some travelers prefer cheap flights to Guadeloupe so that the amount saved in traveling can be spend on other luxuries while venturing Guadeloupe. The airport in Guadeloupe is simple, but car-rentals are available out of the airport as well as inside the airport.

The accommodations in the hotels are available depending on the budget as there are plush as well as modest and budget hotels.

Airport Hotels in Guadeloupe