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Airports in Honduras, Airlines in Honduras

Honduras is a beautiful country, but many amenities need to be provided to the tourists to develop tourism.

However, efforts are being taken to realize all its dreams. The airports in Honduras are clear examples for this fact.

There are three airports in Honduras in the regions of San Pedro Sula, Roatan and Tegucigalpa.

Among these three airports, the airport of San Pedro Sula remains very busy. In addition to these airports, there are airstrips in Guanaja, Utila and throughout the region of La Moskitia.

There is also a small airport in La Ceiba. Owing to so many facilities, cheap flights to Honduras is being looked for by many travelers. Apart from the airports, other factors influencing tourism in Honduras are a maturing political scene, globalization and free trade agreements.

List of Top Airports in Honduras
Ahuas (AHS) Brus Laguna (BHG) Catacamas (CAA)
Cauquira (CDD) Coronel Enrique Soto Cano AB (XPL) Copan (RUY)
Coronel E Soto Cano AB (ENQ) Coyoles (CYL) Erandique (EDQ)
Gracias (GAC) Gualaco (GUO) Guanaja (GJA)
Iriona (IRN) Juticalpa (JUT) Goloson International (LCE)
La Esperanza (LEZ) La Union (LUI) Las Limas (LLH)
Limon (LMH) Marcala (MRJ) Olanchito (OAN)
Palacios (PCH) Puerto Lempira (PEU) Roatan (RTB)
San Esteban (SET) Ramon Villeda Morales International (SAP) Santa Rosa Copan (SDH)
Sulaco (SCD) Toncontin (TGU) Tela (TEA)
Tocoa (TCF) Capiro (TJI) Utila (UII)
Victoria (VTA) Yoro (ORO)

Honduras is currently engaged in a war against problems such as HIV/AIDS, gangs and illegal logging. However, Honduras makes sure that the tourists do not feel the burn of these problems. There are waterfalls, national parks, places for bird watching and snorkeling spots. The Honduras international airports receive tourists from all over the globe. The Honduras international airport offers the passengers utmost convenience.

The airport taxi company has set a price of L140 that is US$7.50 to go anywhere in the entire city. This journey is around 15-25 minutes and there are affordable taxis available at the gates of the airport. But, the taxis are without meters and hence the visitors are forced to bargain the price in Spanish. The airport has car rentals available at the airport namely Avis, Hertz, Budget, Thrifty and Maya. The airport features bank, restaurants, airline lounges, first aid room, bureau de change and duty free shop.

There are nearly 150 short term car parking spaces. A departure tax of US$30 or US$27 is charged from the Honduran nationals. The airlines that offer flights to reach Honduras are Aerolineas Sosa, Air France, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, SAMI, Delta Airlines and TACA. These airlines offer even cheap flights to Honduras.

As a result of these steps, tourism has become a very important sphere of activity within the country of Honduras.

Airport Hotels in Honduras