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Airports in Iceland , Airlines in Iceland

Iceland is a unique country and is regarded as a mighty volcanic laboratory. There are many powerful forces shaping the country.

There are volcanic eruptions and many geysers, fissures and glaciers in the country. However, the only Iceland international airport is the Keflavik airport situated near the city of Reykjavik.

This airport is a prominent place among the international tourists owing to the natural beauty of Iceland attracting a lot of tourists to this country all over the year. The airport of Keflavik is situated at a distance of 48 kilometers from the city of Reykjavik.

This city is believed to be a city that contains the most numbers of authors, poets, dreamers as well as musicians.

List of Top Airports in Iceland
Akureyri (AEY) Bakkafjordur (BJD) Bildudalur (BIU)
Blonduos (BLO) Borgarfjordur Eystri (BGJ) Breiddalsvik (BXV)
Djupivogur (DJU) Egilsstadir (EGS) Fagurholsmyri (FAG)
Faskrudsfjordur (FAS) Flateyri (FLI) Gjogur (GJR)
Grimsey (GRY) Grundarfjordur (GUU) Holmavik (HVK)
Hornafjordur (HFN) Husavik (HZK) Hvammstangi (HVM)
Isafjordur (IFJ) Kopasker (OPA) Reykiahlid (MVA)
Nordfjordur (NOR) Olafsfjordur (OFJ) Rif (OLI)
Patreksfjordur (PFJ) Raufarhofn (RFN) Reykholar (RHA)
Keflavik International (KEF) Reykjavik (RKV) Saudarkrokur (SAK)
Seydisfjordur (SEJ) Siglufjordur (SIJ) Stykkisholmur (SYK)
Sudureyri (SUY) Talknafjordur (TLK) Thingeyri (TEY)
Thorshofn (THO) Vestmannaeyjar (VEY) Vopnafjordur (VPN)

The Iceland International airport facilitates by offering inexpensive Flybus service leaving the airport after the arrival of every flight. This Flybus terminal starts after 35-40 minutes once the flight arrives. There are two taxi companies operating from the arrival hall gate. The airport in Iceland has car rentals namely Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Avis located at the airport. There are other car hire companies also located in the airport.

This airport features fax and internet connections, playground for children, coin and card operating telephones, information desk, executive lounge with phone facility; 24 hours exchange bureau, duty free shop and baby changing facilities. This terminal is specially designed for the disabled to access easily. The car parking is secured and guarded. There are long as well as short term car parking available.

There is another airport in Iceland. It is the Reykjavik domestic airport that is used by the domestic fights to destinations such as Green land and Faroe Islands. Cheap flights to Iceland are offered even from its neighboring cities. Some international flights also land at Akureyi airport. This is a very small airport that is located to the north of Iceland.

Fares are usually moderate and cheap flights to Iceland are available only, if a person is very flexible or if he travels during the low season.

Airport Hotels in Iceland