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Airports in Indonesia, Airlines in Indonesia

Indonesia is an immense archipelago comprising of five islands and an array of small archipelagos with 17000 islands along the equator.

The airports in Indonesia are well featured and serve all the purposes of a traveler.

The levels of security are generally high and therefore the screening of luggage is done on a very strict basis.

The departure tax varies accordingly with the airport from where a tourist departs but is usually within the range of Rp 100,000- Rp150, 000.

Bali and Jakarta are the two prominent Indonesia international airports. The Bali airport is located eight miles towards the southwest of Denpasar.

List of Top Airports in Indonesia
Aek Godang (AEG) Alor Island (ARD) Amahai (AHI)
Pattimura (AMQ) Anggi (AGD) Apalapsili (AAS)
Arso (ARJ) Gunung Batin (AKQ) Atambua (ABU)
Atauro (AUT) Ayawasi (AYW) Babo (BXB)
Bade (BXD) Bajawa (BJW) Sepingan (BPN)
Banaina (NAF) Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport (BTJ) Bandanaira (NDA)
Branti (TKG) Husein Sastranegara (BDO) Sjamsudin Noor (BDJ)
Hang Nadim (BTH) Batom (BXM) Batu Licin (BTW)
Baubau (BUW) Padangkemiling (BKS) Benjina (BJK)
Frans Kaisepo (BIK) Bima (BMU) Bintuni (NTI)
Bokondini (BUI) Bolaang (BJG) Bontang (BXT)
Bunyu (BYQ) Buol (UOL) Cepu (CPF)
Tunggul Wulung (CXP) Penggung (CBN) Dabra (DRH)
Datadawai (DTD) Ngurah Rai International (DPS) Dobo Airport (DOB)
Pinang Kampai (DUM) Elelim (ELR) Enarotali (EWI)
Ende (ENE) Ewer (EWE) Fak Fak (FKQ)
Gag Island (GAV) Galela (GLX) Gebe (GEB)

The terminals of this airport are within walking distance and the ground transport is also excellent. Bus services and metered taxis are easily available. However, the passengers should demand the driver to use meter. Toyota and Hertz are some of the car rental firms located in the airports in Indonesia. There are restaurants, shops, bans, pharmacy, duty-free, post office, tourist information, hotel reservation kiosks and bureaux de change.

The Indonesia international airports facilitate the disabled travelers as well with special needs. These airports are also featured with large parking lots.The Jakarta International airport has free terminal bus connecting the terminals. The ground transport is excellent with shuttle buses running to city and other destinations. The airport facilities are limited, but the Jakarta airport is clean. Availing cheap flights to Indonesia is not possible always, but can be tried for in the night flights.

The car parking at Jakarta airport is available for short as well as long term parking. The staffs working in the airports are friendly and very efficient. The splendid heritage, the untouched wilderness of Sumatra, the highland tribes and quaint hilltop towns, the steaming volcanoes of Java, the sprawling city and the traditional music, dance and art make the travelers forget about purchasing cheap flights to Indonesia.

They enjoy their journey in any flight and venture throughout the country.

Airport Hotels in Indonesia
Bali Jakarta Kuta
Nusa dua Sanur Seminyak