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Airports in Iran, Airlines in Iran

Iran is brimming with ancient cities, magnificent mosques, ruins and museums. There are lots to explore, but Iran may not be appealing to all typical travelers.

However, this rich country is experiencing more traffic recently as there are many airports in Iran.

The facilities that are offered at these airports are shops, restaurants, car rentals and even amenities for recovering lost luggage. The transportation to these airports is by the buses and trains.

There are special facilities offered for the disabled and there are regular and capable security checks that are carried out regularly.The perception of the country and the governmental policies have coerced people to look at the negative images.

List of Top Airports in Iran
Abadan (ABD) Abu Musa (AEU) Aghajari (AKW)
Ahwaz (AWZ) Araak (AJK) Ardabil (ADU)
Persian Gulf International (YEH) Babolsar (BBL) Bahregan (IAQ)
Bam (BXR) Bandar Abbas (BND) Bandar Lengeh (BDH)
Mahshahr (MRX) Birjand (XBJ) Bishe-kola (BSM)
Bojnord (BJB) Bushehr (BUZ) Chah-Bahar (ZBR)
Dezful (DEF) Fasa (FAZ) Gachsaran (GCH)
Ghazvin (GZW) Gheshm (GSM) Gorgan (GBT)
Hamadan (HDM) Havadarya (HDR) Hesa (IFH)
Ilaam (IIL) Iran Shahr (IHR) Isfahan International (IFN)
Jiroft (JYR) Kalaleh (KLM) Jam (KNR)
Kerman (KER) Kermanshah (KSH) Khaneh (KHA)
Khark Island (KHK) Khorramabad (KHD) Khoy (KHY)
Kish Island (KIH) Lamerd (LFM) Lar A/P (LRR)
Lavan (LVP) Mashad (MHD) Nojeh (NUJ)
Now Shahr (NSH) Omidieh (OMI) Parsabad (PFQ)
Rafsanjan (RJN) Ramsar (RZR) Rasht (RAS)

The beguiling country and sympathetic citizens lying in the rear side of this stern fašade. However, for adventure seekers, Iran is an ideal place as it offers trekking and rock climbing. Moreover there are few ski resorts available at affordable prices. This attraction is hauling travelers to look for cheap flights to Iran and to reach the Imam Khomeini International airport, one of the Iran international airports.

This airport is sited in Tehran and has replaced the Mehrabad International airport. This airport is named after the Iranian revolution leader of 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The other Iran international airports are Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, Kish, Larestan, Mashhad and Queshm. Larestan airport was established in 1983, but following the Gulf war, it acquired prominence as an international airport.

The Mashhad International airport has frequent flights to many cities within Iran as well as international flights to Middle East and Central Asia. However, cheap flights to Iran are available during mid-week working days. The Imam Khomeini airport is one of the best airports in Iran that has excellent ground transport services namely buses and taxis running regularly from the airport. There are rental cars also available easily and parking is facilitated for both long and short term.

Conversely, departure tax of IPR 1000 is included in the ticket prices of the foreigners.

Airport Hotels in Iran