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Airports in Iraq , Airlines in Iraq

Iraq has a resonance of glorious history, but the recent history is less kind.

Iran today dominates the international headline for over a decade, but is striving hard to eke out its existence.

The Iraq International airport that is quite prominent is the Baghdad International airport.

There are two important airports within Iraq. While The Baghdad international airport serves the whole of Iraq, the Erbil international airport serves northern Iraq.

Iraq is connected with destinations such as Frankfurt, Vienna, Copenhagen, Athens, Dubai and Amman.The Baghdad international airport was earlier known as Saddam international airport. This is 16 kms from the heart of Baghdad.

List of Top Airports in Iraq
Al Rasheed (BGW) Baghdad International (SDA) Balad (XQC)
Bamerny (BMN) Baqubah (XQV) International (BSR)
Erbil International (Irbil Northwest) (EBL) Khan Al Baghdadi (XIH) Kirkuk (KIK)
Mosul (OSM) Nasiriyah (XNH) Ramadi (XTM)
Sulaimaniyah International (OSO) Tikrit (XTV)

However, the civilian side is growing rapidly. Recently, Royal Jordanian Airlines is operating daily two roundtrip flights from Queen Alia International airport, one of the Iraq international airports. Recently, the internet booking has become very popular and Iraq is effectively open to public. The airports in Iraq are now flying in the Iraqi Airways name. This is effective as they have initiated with computerized operations and online reservations are available for European routes.

IA operates charter flight providerís flights to London. But traveling by Royal Jordanian (RJA) is recommended as it has a better comprehensive schedule and also offers cheap flights to Iraq on rare occasions. Turkish airways are also operating flights and the BIAP flights are operated many times in a week. The Kurdistan airlines also operate flights from Dubai twice a week.

Skylink and AirServ are the two charter airlines operating frequent flights. The airports in Iraq are under the Iraqi government control. Irregularity in flights is frequent owing to the sandstorms that obscure visibility and this result in offering cheap flights to Iraq from short distances. The security takes two to three hours and the BIAP have bag matching policy such that the passenger must touch their bag and this is matched and loaded.

Though, Iraq boasts of rich history, travelers should be alert regarding kidnappings and violence.

Airport Hotels in Iraq