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Airports in Japan, Airlines in Japan

Japan is a contrast and presents startling Tokyo dazzles with high tech gadgetry and bright lights in association with the cherry blossoms.

The Japan international airports are always full and travelers get their tickets booked earlier to avoid disappointment.

In spite of numerous flights to Japan, there are times when they become full. The facilities that are offered in the Japanese airports are shops, restaurants, ATMs, banks, currency changing facilities, massage, beauty salons and even a pet hotel.

The disabled passengers are provided with additional facilities so that they can be made to feel at home. The transportation to the city is offered by minibuses, shuttle services and even taxis.

List of Top Airports in Japan
Aguni (AGJ) Akita (AXT) Amami O Shima (ASJ)
Aomori (AOJ) Asahikawa (AKJ) Atsugi NAS (NJA)
Beppu (BPU) Fukue (FUJ) Fukui (FKJ)
Fukuoka (FUK) Fukushima Airport (FKS) Hachijo Jima (HAC)
Hachinohe (HHE) Hakodate (HKD) Hanamaki (HNA)
Hateruma (HTR) Hiroshima West (HIW) International (HIJ)
Iejima (IEJ) Iki (IKI) Ishigaki (ISG)
Iwami (IWJ) Iwo Jima Airbase (IWO) Izumo (IZO)
Kagoshima (KOJ) Kerama (KJP) Kikaiga Shima (KKX)
Kita Kyushu (KKJ) Kitadaito (KTD) Kobe (UKB)
Kochi (KCZ) Komatsu (KMQ) Kumamoto (KMJ)
Kumejima (UEO) Kushimoto (KUJ) Kushiro (KUH)
Kansai (UKY) Marcus Island (MUS) Matsumoto (MMJ)
Matsuyama (MYJ) Memanbetsu (MMB) Maridor (MMD)
Misawa (MSJ) Miyake Jima (MYE) Hirara (MMY)
Miyazaki (KMI) Monbetsu (MBE) Nagasaki (NGS)
Komaki AFB (NKM) Nakashibetsu (SHB) Niigata (KIJ)

Japan celebrates ancient festivals and food is offered in an art form. Japan is a land of natural beauty with the sun-drenched beaches in Hokkaido. The snow festivals as well as the lavender farms are exceptionally beautiful. Climbing Mount Fuji or relaxing at any of the volcanic hot spring resorts gives a memorable experience. The Japan international airports are the Kansai, Fukuoka and Central airport.

The airports in Japan are well facilitated with shuttle bus links, bank, restaurants, duty free shops, post office, video camera hire, mobile phone, tourist information and internet facilities. Cheap flights to Japan can be looked for, but there is no certainty of the availability.The airports in Japan include the Tokyo Narita Airport that offers luxury coaches to go from the airport to the hotels in the city center.

The tickets for these bus services can be purchased in the terminals. There are adequate taxis as well, but they charge surcharge after the journey time of one hour. The main point is that the taxis are nearly five times expensive than the trains. The shuttle bus service connecting the terminals are free and are available in every 10 mins.

Travelers preferring to travel by cheap flights to Japan are expected to have a flexible schedule. There is departure tax of about 2040 2650 yen.

Airport Hotels in Japan
Hiroshima Kobe Kyoto
Okayama Osaka Sapporo
Tokyo Yokohama