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Airports in Korea, Airlines in Korea

Korea is an exciting place to visit. North Korea and South Korea may exist in the same piece of land but their thinking and ideologies are poles apart.

There are several places to visit in South Korea. This can be attributed to the forward mindedness of this nation and its can-do attitude.

But the tourism of this nation looks as a strong base for its further development. The most important airport in Korea is the Incheon International Airport located at a distance of an hour from the city of Seoul.

It is sited nearly 30 miles from the central Seoul. The terminals of the airport are linked by moving walkways. Tourism is not very famous in North Korea and less than 2000 westerners are admitted into the nation every year.

List of Top Airports in Korea
Sunan International (FNJ) Gimhae (PUS) Cheongju (CJJ)
Daegu (TAE) Gangneung (KAG) Heliport (JGE)
Gunsan (KUV) Gunsan Airbase (KUZ) Gwangju (KWJ)
Heliport (JCN) Chuja Heliport (JCJ) Jeju Airport (CJU)
Seogwipo Heliport (JSP) Jeonju (CHN) Jinhae (CHF)
Sacheon (HIN) Mokpo (MPK) Osan AB (OSN)
Pohang (KPO) Samcheok (SUK) Incheon International (ICN)
Gimpo International (GMP) Seolak (SHO) Yeosu (SYS)
Suwon (SWU) Ulsan (USN) WonJu (WJU)
Yangyang (YNY) Yecheon (YEC) Yeosu (RSU)

There are few attractions in the capital city of Pyongyang and Peakdusan to be considered as the best in the nation. There are cheap flights to Korea, but the numbers of these flights are less than the numbers to South Korea. There are some Korea international airports in North Korea. The Korea international airports are trying to facilitate the passengers as an express railway connection is under completion.

This will transfer the passengers to the city comfortably. However, there are buses and taxis to take the passengers to the city center along the Airport Expressway. The journey time is one hour. A ferry service is also available from Incheon port.The national airline of North Korea is Air Koryo that runs a few flights to Beijing, Vladivostok and Shenyang. Occasionally, cheap flights to Korea are announced.

It takes only an hour to fly from Beijing to Pyongyang. The airports in Korea receive as much as three flights every week that run on each direction. South Korea has relatively more flights to it. Asiana Airlines as well as Korean Air are the carriers of South Korea.

South Korea is also served by other airlines such as Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air France, Air China and many other airlines.

Airport Hotels in Korea