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Airports in Libya, Airlines in Libya

Libya is an intersection of continents, history and ancient empires. Libya houses the Mediterraneanís opulent store of Greek and Roman cities namely, Sabratha, Cyrene and Leptis Magna. Libya is home to exceptional desert scenery.

The Sahara is enveloped by more than 90% of the country with vast sand seas. The airports in Libya experience immense majority of International flights.

This traffic makes the Libya International airports, namely the Tripoli and Benghaziís as one of the busy airports. The other airports in Libya are the Tripoliís Metiga and Sebha. These airports also experience a small number of flights.

However, many travelers fly to Tunisia and then board flights to Libya as there are many cheap flights to Libya. These international airports have terminals for international and national travelers.

List of Top Airports in Libya
La Braq (LAQ) Benina Intl (BEN) Brack (BCQ)
Martuba (DNF) Ghadames (LTD) Ghat (GHT)
Houn (HUQ) Kufrah (AKF) Marsa Brega (LMQ)
Misurata (MRA) Mitiga (MJI) Murzuq (QMQ)
Nafoora (NFR) Sebha (SEB) Sert (SRX)
Tobruk (TOB) International (TIP) Ubari (QUB)

However, as airports are being modernized now, they are very comfortable. Taxis are the main means of transport to reach the city. The airport is well facilitated with duty-free shopping, prayer room, a restaurant, currency exchange and business lounge. The departure tax is collected from the passengers. The international flight passengers are charged 6LD and the domestic flights 3LD.

The security is alert and travelers are asked to check-in the airport two hours before the departure of the flight. However, Libya lacks shuttle services and other bus services, so passengers must reach early accordingly.Travelers visiting Libya enjoy the most as they almost try to avail cheap flights to Libya and reach the Libya international airports very comfortably.

Moreover, the hotel accommodations are also available to suit the needs of any traveler ranging from plush to modest and budget hotels. Libya is an immense country and touring it is entertaining. Visitors can also travel independently if they desire to travel so. However, it is significant to make a note that Libya can be visited as an organized tour.

The airlines serving Libya airports are Air Malta, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Alitalia, Emirates, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian, Swiss International Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Tunis Air.

Airport Hotels in Libya