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Airports in Macau, Airlines in Macau

Macau is an important region in China. This is because there are numerous casinos in this region. Recently, Macau has emerged to be a Las Vegas of the East.

The airport in Macau is the Macau International Airport. It is a place where all types of flights come to Macau.

The runway of this airport was built in the sea on a reclaimed land having its main terminal as well as air traffic control located in the Taipa Island. There are also many cheap flights to Macau that are offered from several regions of the world.

The capacity of this airport is 6,000,000 passengers every year and the processing capacity is up to 2000 passengers an hour.The airport is free from night curfew and despite the petite size of Macau international airport.

List of Top Airports in Macau
Macau International (MFM)

This airport is efficient enough to handle Boeing 747s. This has made this airport a vital link amidst the overseas markets and local manufacturers. This airport has the facility of offering catering up to 10,000 meals every day. Macau maintains its own immigration policies and has an individual customs territory from china.

However, travelers flying between Macau and mainland china must go through customs checks and immigration. Hence this is viewed as international flights. The city is recognized by the UNESCO and tourists come even by cheap flights to Macau.The Macau International Airport is situated along the east coast of Taipa. This is a busy airport and receives numerous tourists everyday.

Air Macau operates most of the air traffic that comes to the airport in Macau. The destinations that are connected to Macau are Bangkok, Manila, Seoul, Busan, Beijing, Shangai, Milan, Mumbai, Moscow, Jakarta, New Delhi and Abu Dhabi. The airfare is usually low. There is also a new airline called as Viva Macau.

Carriers such as Air Asia, Tiger Airlines, EVA Airways and East Asia Airlines are some of the other airlines that operate to Macau.

Airport Hotels in Macau