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Airports in Madagascar, Airlines in Madagascar

Madagascar is an island that is situated off the coast of Africa. It is an interesting place to visit.

In spite of its closeness to the African mainland, it is unlike Africa. The distinctness between Madagascar and Africa also attracts tourists.

The Madagascar international airport is located at Ivato. The Ivato airport is 12kms towards the north of Antananarivo.

Many intercontinental flights also arrive at the Ivato airport. There are several cheap flights to Madagascar from major destinations all over the world.

The national carrier is Air Madagascar and recently this airport has become relatively efficient after undergoing improvements in the service and fleet sections.

List of Top Airports in Madagascar
Ambanja (IVA) Ambatolahy (AHY) Ambatomainty (AMY)
Ambatondrazaka (WAM) Ambilobe (AMB) Ampanihy (AMP)
Analalava (HVA) Andapa (ZWA) Andriamena (WAD)
Ankavandra (JVA) Ankazoabo (WAK) Ankokoambo (NKO)
Moramba (WOR) Antsirabato (ANM) Antananarivo (TNR)
Antsalova (WAQ) Antsirabe (ATJ) Antsiranana/Arrachart (DIE)
Antsohihy (WAI) Bealanana (WBE) Befandriana (WBD)
Bekily (OVA) Belo (BMD) Beroroha (WBO)
Besalampy (BPY) Betioky (BKU) Doany (DOA)
Farafangana (RVA) Fianarantsoa (WFI) Marillac (FTU)
Ihosy (IHO) Ilaka (ILK) Madirovalo (WMV)
Mahanoro (VVB) Maintirano (MXT) Amborovy (MJN)
Malaimbandy (WML) Mampikony (WMP) Manakara (WVK)
Mananara (WMR) Mananjary (MNJ) Mandabe (WMD)
Mandritsara (WMA) Manja (MJA) Maroantsetra (WMN)
Miandrivazo (ZVA) Morafenobe (TVA) Morombe (MXM)
Morondava (MOQ) Fascene (NOS) Port Berge (WPB)

The airport in Madagascar is a hub for tourists as it is the only gateway that foreign tourists can make use of. The cheap flights to Madagascar are a great advantage to the tourists who would like to visit Madagascar. The airport code is TNR. Taxis are easily available to take the passengers from the airport to the city center. There are bus facilities providing enough service in reaching to the Hilton hotel that is located in the city center and also in reaching the Air Madagascar office.

The airports have facilities including a restaurant and a bureaux de change. They do not collect any departure tax from their travelers. The airport is well maintained and has informative as well as efficient staff.Madagascar has history of pirates, coastlines lines with shipwrecks, local cuisine and a lot of friendly people.

Apart from Air Madagascar, there are other airlines that serve the Madagascar international airport such as Air Austral, Air Mauritius, Air France, Corsair and Interair. Madagascar is connected to destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Johannesburg. Tourists to Madagascar keep increasing every year. The airport in Madagascar has the required security and leaves no room for complaint.

They screen all the bags and the procedure does not show any lapse in providing safety to the travelers.

Airport Hotels in Madagascar