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Airports in Moldova, Airlines in Moldova

Moldova is landlocked as well as is bounded by Ukraine and Romania.

Moldova in the focus of tourism has indisputably one of the best wine industries in the country producing fine varietals and bestows with fascinating winery tours vanquishing even the corpulent constitutions.

There are not many airports in Moldova, but it definitely houses a single international airport located at Chisinau. This airport was established during the time of rise in transport and communication. This airport provides better connectivity and serves the increasing demands of the people. However, may airlines touch the Moldova international airport.

The Chisinau airport has now earned the status of international airport and is presently handling 15 airlines plying regular flights to some of the important locations in Asia, Europe and Near east.

List of Top Airports in Moldova
Beltsy (BZY) International Airport Chisinau (KIV)

The international Airport in Chisinau is the immense airport in the Republic of Moldova. Moldova has trains and bus services from Romania, Hungary and Ukraine and flights arriving from Western Europe to the Moldova international airport. Carpatair has also initiated its service to this airport in Moldova via Timisoara and hence occasionally cheap flights to Moldova are offered.

Tourists find entering Moldova through Romania easier as there are frequent and easier connections. Entering Moldova from Ukraine can be done by purchasing a visitors pass. However, visitors have to shell out a small fine to enter Moldova properly.Entering Moldova should be done only after ensuring that your passport is properly stamped so that you do not encounter any other problems in the airport.

Though, Moldova is not economically raised, visitors have to come prepared as they have to pay identical prices of Romania. However, tourists keep looking for cheap flights to Moldova in the aim of saving money. The terminal airport building is facilitated with storages, bank branches, café, shops and passengers rest room.

This airport has good infrastructure aiming to provide their passengers the best service and also ensure safety as well as regularity in the functioning of flights.

Airport Hotels in Moldova