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Airports in Mozambique, Airlines in Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the up coming hot spot with excellent diving as well as charismatic off-shore islands and stunning beaches.

Visitors enjoy snorkeling in the Bazaruto archipelago, sailing through mangrove channels and lazing around the palms.

Even taking an off-beat safari, wandering on the ancient cobbled streets and sipping a café espresso in any of the sidewalk cafes also offers total relaxation. The Mozambique international airport connects Johannesburg, Lisbon, and many other places.

Maputo and Beira are two Mozambique international airports. Taxis are available from the airports easily and cost approximately US$7 to reach the city center.The airports in Mozambique have reputed car rental companies sited namely, Avis, Imperial and Hertz.

List of Top Airports in Mozambique
Alto Molocue (AME) Angoche (ANO) Bajone (BJN)
Bazaruto Island (BZB) Beira (BEW) Benguera Island (BCW)
Caia (CMZ) Chimoio (VPY) Chinde (INE)
Chokwe (TGS) Cuamba (FXO) Dugong (DGK)
Gurue (VJQ) Ibo (IBO) Ila Da Chilonzuene (IDC)
Indigo Bay Lodge (IBL) Inhaca (IHC) Inhambane (INH)
Inhaminga (IMG) Lichinga (VXC) Luabo (LBM)
Lumbo (LFB) Maganja Da Costa (MJS) Magaruque (MFW)
Maputo International (MPM) Marromeu (RRM) Mocimboa Praia (MZB)
Moma (MMW) Montepuez (MTU) Mueda (MUD)
Nacala (MNC) Nampula (APL) Nangade (NND)
Palma (LMZ) Pebane (PEB) Porto Amelia (POL)
Ponta de Ouro (PDD) Quelimane (UEL) Santa Carolina (NTC)
Tete (TCV) Matundo (TET) Vilanculos (VNX)
Xai Xai (VJB)

The airports here are featured to facilitate the travelers with a bank, bar, post office and a restaurant. However, this airport needs an up gradation. The departure tax charged from each passenger is US$20 or US$10 if the traveling is within Africa. The roads as well as the transport links with South Africa are exceptionally good.

The Mozambique airports have appropriate security checking process. The international passengers are strictly asked to check-in before two hours of the flight departure. The bags and individuals are checked using metal detectors as well as scanning process. No lapse of security can be observed in the airport and hence it can be accounted for safe traveling.

The other airlines that operate the airport in Mozambique are Kenya Airways, SAAirlink, South African Airways, Pelican Air Services, TAP Air Portugal and TAP Swazi Express. As there are many airlines serving Mozambique airports frequently, any of the airlines suddenly astonishes the travelers by offering cheap flights to Mozambique and bestow identical services that any normal flight would offer to its travelers.

However, travelers desiring to travel in cheap flights to Mozambique should have a flexible itinerary, as the facility of inexpensive flights is mostly available in the late night flights or non-peak seasons.

Airport Hotels in Mozambique