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Airports in Nebraska, Airlines in Nebraska

Nebraska is located in the Great Plains and is predominantly an agricultural region. There are 91 airports in Nebraska that are meant for public usage.

Among these airports, some receive huge air traffic. These airports are well connected to the other regions in USA and even the world.

The primary Nebraska airports are the Lincoln Airport, the Eppley Airfield, the Kearny Municipal Airport and the North Platte Regional Airport. These airports receive carriers of some of the best airlines in the world. These airports offer good facilities to their users.

The Lincoln Airport is an important airport as it serves many travelers. This airport has well trained staff who take care in helping the passengers. This Nebraska airport is well equipped to meet any needs of the disabled passengers as well.

Airport in Nebraska
Apple Valley (APV) Beatrice (BIE) Municipal (BUB)
Cedar Rapids (CID) Chadron (CDR) Death Valley (DTH)
Municipal (FBY) Felker AAF (FAF) St Lucie County (FPR)
Municipal (FUL) Otsego County (GLR) Hastings (HSI)
Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional (PIB) Brewster Field (HDE) Kearney (EAR)
Hesler-Noble Field (LUL) Mccook (MCK) Lee Bird Field (LBF)
Searle Field (OGA) Charlotte County (PGD) Seward (SWD)
Sun Valley (SUN) Browns (EPG)

Airport Hotels in Nebraska
Omaha Lincoln Kearney
North platte Bellevue

This airport offers facilities such as distinct parking lots for the disabled, restrooms that are accessible by wheelchairs, elevators, escalators, ATMs, TDD phones, luggage carts and wireless Internet service. There are other facilities in this airport such as a restaurant, a gift shop, a news shop and a lounge. The airport is served by United Airlines, Northwest Airline and Allegiant Air.

The Nebraska airport guide offers all the required information about this airport such as arrival timings, facilities, etc.The Eppley Airfield located at Omaha is another major airport in Nebraska. It receives 4 million travelers annually. The facilities offered at this airport are food courts, snack bars, currency change, a lounge, hoe shine stands, specialty and retail shops, wireless internet access, ATMs and even laptop workstations that offer high speed internet connectivity.

Airlines such as Delta Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and US airways. Special fares and discounts can be availed if the tickets are booked online. The Nebraska airport guide suggests that the passengers should arrive to the airport early.

The other important airports are at Chadron, Valentine, Ainsworth, Gordon, Alliance, O’Neill, Norfolk, Fremont and other regions.