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Airports in Nigeria, Airlines in Nigeria

Nigeria dominates economically and politically West Africa and its music as well as literature are spread beyond the continent.

Nigeria is definitely a challenging destination and is tough to go around for first-timers.

Lagos is an exuberant city for any traveler to stopover on the way to Cameroon. Visitors can notice poverty and wealth sitting cheek by jowl. Lagos and Murtala Mohammed are the two Nigeria international airports.

The Lagos airport is 13 miles to the northwest of Lagos and the terminals of the airport are within the walking distance. Yellow taxis are easily available in the gates of the terminal. But negotiating the fee prior to leaving the airports in Nigeria is recommended. However, the large hotels have shuttle buses to pick their guests from the international flights.

List of Top Airports in Nigeria
Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV) Akure (AKR) Bauchi (BCU)
Benin City (BNI) Calabar (CBQ) Enugu (ENU)
Ibadan (IBA) Ilorin (ILR) Jos (JOS)
Kaduna (KAD) Aminu Kano Intl Apt (KAN) Murtala Muhammed (LOS)
Maiduguri (MIU) Makurdi (MDI) Minna (MXJ)
Port Harcourt (PHC) Port Harcourt City (PHG) Sokoto (SKO)
Victoria Island (QVL) Warri (QRW) Yola (YOL)
Zaria (ZAR)

Lagos serves most of the African airways as well as international carriers. Virgin Nigeria has efficient regional connections as well as flights to UK. However, direct flights to USA do not exist. Virgin Nigeria is the national carrier. Murtala Mohammed is a Nigeria international airport that is traditionally a nightmare entry point, but has improved now that the travelers can visit Nigeria without any fear.

There is no currency exchange counter at the airports and have to depend on the black-market touts, if required. The other alternative entry points that have connections to Europe are Abuja and Port Harcourt. There are cheap flights to Nigeria available in the late nights, but this is best avoided.Taking the advantage of traveling in cheap flights to Nigeria may turn out to be expensive in Nigeria .

Visitors should arrange to be picked and should avoid using public transport directly from the airport as kidnappings as well as attacks on foreigners are a threat in Nigeria. The airports in Nigeria have car rental offices of reputed companies such as Avis, Planet and Hertz. The airport features a restaurant, café, bank, post office and shops. Tourists cannot expect luxury as there are frequent power cuts. Similarly, the baggage handling system is disorganized and there is a great lapse in the airport security.

Moreover, the tourists should be cautious of the pickpockets. However, the airports do not charge any departure tax.

Airport Hotels in Nigeria