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Airports in Norway, Airlines in Norway

Norway has natural wonders as well as significant wealth that most of the countries may desire to have. Norway is a beautiful country with loving people.

Wilderness here is a leisure pursuit that is explored with fervor. The national parks, peerless landscapes and the charming beauty attract the tourists.

The airports in Norway are Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger airport. Oslo airport code is OSL and this is located towards the northeast of Oslo approximately 29 miles the Bergen airport code is BGO and is located towards the south of Bergen approximately 12 miles.

Stavanger airport code is SVG and this is located 7 miles from Stavanger city.The three Norway international airports are facilitated with excellent ground transport service. There are variety of taxis and airport express trains going to the city center.

List of Top Airports in Norway
Vigra (AES) Alta (ALF) Andenes (ANX)
Bardufoss (BDU) Batsfjord (BJF) Bergen Airport, Flesland (BGO)
Berlevag (BVG) Bodo (BOO) Bronnoy (BNN)
Valdres Lufthavn Leirin (VDB) Lista (FAN) Flora (FRO)
Bringeland (FDE) Dagali Airport (DLD) Klanten Arpt (GLL)
Hamar Arpt (HMR) Hammerfest (HFT) Evenes (EVE)
Hasvik (HAA) Haugesund (HAU) Valan (HVG)
Hoeybuktmoen (KKN) Kjevik (KRS) Kvernberget (KSU)
Banak (LKL) Leknes (LKN) Svalbard (LYR)
Harbour (QFQ) Mehamn (MEH) Mo I Rana (MQN)
Aro (MOL) Kjaerstad (MJF) Namsos (OSY)
Framnes (NVK) Notodden (NTB) Orland (OLA)
Hovden (HOV) Oslo (Gardermoen) (OSL) Ryumsjoen (RVK)
Roros (RRS) Stolport (RET) Moss (RYG)
Sandane (SDN) Sandnes Rail St. (XKC) Stokka (SSJ)
Harbour (QFK) Skien (SKE) Haukasen (SOG)
Sorkjosen (SOJ) Sola (SVG) Skagen (SKN)

The airport bus offers night services as well connecting each arrival. This bus travels from the bus terminal downtown to the airport. The airports in Norway are facilitated with banks, ATMs, duty-free, hotel reservation kiosk, post office, tourist information, bureaux de change and car rental companies namely, Budget, Avis, Custom, Hertz and Europcar.

The Norway international airports facilitate the business class to a great extent by offering internet access with fax at the airport. The airports have bars, restaurants and shops. Moreover, they have special needs to attend the disabled tourists. But they should be contacted in advance. The airports do not charge any departure tax.

Traveling in cheap flights to Norway is possible in off-seasons. However, Norway airport is safe and the tourists can travel comfortably even in the taxis that are available near the arrivals. Hotel reservations are also facilitated at the airport. The airlines using Norway as the primary base are Norwegian, Coast Air, Air France, Australian Airlines, British Airways, Brussel Airlines, Iberia, Lufthansa, and many more.

However, many West African countries offer cheap flights to Norway. At rare occasions, the charter fares that are from Morocco also are incredibly cheap.

Airport Hotels in Norway
Bergen Lillehammer Oslo
Stavanger Tromso Trondheim