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Airports in Pakistan, Airlines in Pakistan

Pakistan is on the brink of being accounted for tourism in few more years and has lots to offer to the visitors.

The Karokoram Mountains, the ancient bazaars and the capital, Lahore represents the architectural glories. Pakistanis are hospitable and welcome the foreigners with warmth.

Attractions are splashed all over giving a unique experience, yet the travel advice is that visitors should keep a watchful eye on the news prior to booking their tickets. There are two airports in Pakistan that experiences constant traffic.

However, owing to the political and sectarian violence in many parts of Pakistan, it is best to have updated news before traveling.The Pakistan International airports are the Karachi airport and Islamabad international airport.

List of Top Airports in Pakistan
Abbottabad (AAW) Attock (ATG) Talhar (BDN)
Bahawalnagar (WGB) Bahawalpur (BHV) Bannu (BNP)
Campbellpore (CWP) Chilas (CHB) Chitral (CJL)
Dadu (DDU) Dalbandin (DBA) Dera Ghazi Khan (DEA)
Dera Ismail Khan (DSK) Faisalabad (LYP) Gilgit (GIL)
Gujrat (GRT) Gwadar (GWD) Hyderabad (HDD)
Islamabad International (ISB) Jacobabad (JAG) Jiwani (JIW)
Kadanwari (KCF) Kalat (KBH) Quaid-e-azam Intl (KHI)
Khuzdar (KDD) Kohat (OHT) Alama Iqbal International (LHE)
Lora Lai (LRG) Mangla (XJM) Mansehra (HRA)
Mianwali (MWD) Mirpur Khas (MPD) Mohenjodaro (MJD)
Multan International (MUX) Muzaffarabad (MFG) Nawabshah (WNS)
Nushki (NHS) Ormara (ORW) Panjgur (PJG)
Para Chinar (PAJ) Pasni (PSI) Peshawar (PEW)
Quetta (UET) Rahim Yar Khan (RYK) Rawala Kot (RAZ)
Sahiwal (SWN) Saidu Sharif (SDT) Bhagatanwala Apt (BHW)
Sargodha Apt (SGI) Sawan (RZS) Sehwen Sharif (SYW)

The Karachi airport code is KHI and the full name of the airport is Jinnah international airport. This airport is located at a distance of 9 miles from the Karachi city. The taxi stand is located at the terminal gates and is available for all the 24 hours. There are buses and coaches outside the arrivals and it takes 50 minutes of travel time. The cost for this travel is around Rs.5. The airports in Pakistan are well-facilitated with shops, banks, restaurants, ATMs, moneychangers and duty free shopping.

The airport also features car rentals. The departure tax for the international flights for first class travelers is Rs.1400, business class is Rs.1300 and the economy class is charged Rs.700. The Islamabad airport code is ISB and is located 5 miles from Islamabad. The Pakistan international airports are featured to facilitate the business travelers with copiers, fax, internet and phones. The main airlines operating are PIA, aero Blue, Thai Airways, British Airways, Shaheen and Bhoja.

The reputable online international tickets offer cheap flights to Pakistan as well as car hire. Ticket sales through online sites are perfect for connecting flights. The prices offered by the travel agencies for the air-tickets are competitive and the visitors can expect cheap flights to Pakistan. However, no discount is offered for international flights. The international tickets attract foreign travel tax besides the departure tax and a few more small taxes.

After booking tickets, confirm with the airlines regarding flight booking to have a definite travel.

Airport Hotels in Pakistan