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Airports in Russia, Airlines in Russia

Russia looms over Europe with its mammoth brutal history. Russia is a fascinating destination and yet this flipside of contemporary Europe is not known to many travelers.

Russia manages to exhibit the impressive feat of being exciting and never concede to any bureaucratic approach. This is truly adventurous.

The rich history, Italianate mansions, beautiful canals, cultural treasures and architecture is amazing. There are three airports in Russia and all the airports experience huge foot traffic. The Russia international airports are namely Moscow international airport, St Petersburg airport and Koltsovo international airport.

These airports constantly receive flights and hence occasionally cheap flights to Russia are offered in the late night flights.The Russia international airports receive lots of international flights from many major countries and they also serve the domestic flights.

List of Top Airports in Russia
Abakan (ABA) Achinsk (ACS) Adler/Sochi (AER)
Aldan (ADH) Amderma (AMV) Anadyr (DYR)
Anapa (AAQ) Arkhangelsk (ARH) Astrakhan (ASF)
Balakovo (BWO) Barnaul (BAX) Belgorod (EGO)
Beloreck (BCX) Blagoveschensk (BQS) Bratsk (BTK)
Briansk (BZK) Bugulma (UUA) Cheboksary (CSY)
Chelyabinsk (CEK) Cherepovets (CEE) Cherskiy (CYX)
Chita (HTA) Chkalovsky (CKL) Chokurdah (CKH)
Chulman (CNN) Dikson (DKS) Koltsovo International Airport (SVX)
Elista (ESL) Eniseysk (EIE) Gelendzik (GDZ)
Groznyj (GRV) Hatanga (HTG) Igarka (IAA)
Inta (INA) Irkutsk (IKT) Ivanova (IWA)
Izhevsk (IJK) Joshkar-Ola (JOK) Migalovo (KLD)
Kaliningrad Devau (KGD) Kaluga (KLF) Kazan (KZN)
Kemerovo (KEJ) Novyy (KHV) Khanty-Mansiysk (HMA)
Kirov (KVX) Kirovsk (KVK) Kogalym International (KGP)
Komsomolsk Na Amure (KXK) Kostroma (KMW) Kotlas (KSZ)

Moscow international airport code is SVO and this airport has the convenience of free airline shuttles, express buses, taxis and public buses. Both the terminals of the airports in Russia have taxis, but the passengers should approach the official taxi counters as the rates are fixed. Minibuses and the express buses are the best to travel to the city centers. Visitors can take car rentals that are available at the airport including Avis, National, Hertz and Budget.

However, the Moscow airport is soulless and the staffs are inefficient and slow. The facilities are fine. The airports have bureaux de change, bars, restaurants, post office and duty free shopping. There is business conference centre as well as ATMs available in the terminal 2. The St. Petersburg airport code is LED and the full name is Pulkovo international airport. The two terminals are connected by taxi and the fares are normally exorbitant. Pre-booking of taxis is recommended.

Hertz car is available at both terminals. This is a no frills airport. But, the services offered in the airport are duty free shops, snack bars, internet access, ATM, post office and bureau de change. Koltsovo International airport also has identical features and facilities like the other two airports in Russia. None of the airports charge departure tax.

The cheap flights to Russia are very few, in fact only few seats are available, if you are really fortunate.

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