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Airports in Rwanda , Airlines in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country of stunning scenery and endless mountains. The mountains are majestic than the peaks of the northwestern Rwanda.

Visitors can find some mountain gorillas that exist now and encountering these creatures from the closest proximity draws the visitors to Rwanda.

Recently, the airport in Rwanda is experiencing traffic. The beauty of this place is coming to light. The shores of Kivu Lake hide the best inland beaches. The forest has extensive rainforest in this region and houses many primates. However it is sophisticated and safe.

Gregoire Kayibanda is the only Rwanda International airport situated at Kanombe, 10kms towards the east of the Kigali center.Rwanda is associated with horrific events and hence visitors feel unsure to travel owing to its history.

List of Top Airports in Rwanda
Butare (BTQ) Gisenyi (GYI) Kamembe (KME)
Gregoire Kayibanda (KGL) Ruhengeri (RHG)

However, the security is good and as the stability persists, it can be considered to be a refreshing country to travel. The airlines connecting the Rwanda international airport are Bujumbura, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Brussels, Johannesburg and Entebbe. The airports in Rwanda offer the usual features of restaurant, snack bar, ATM and bank. The taxis are available easily out of the airports.

However, budget travelers looking for cheap flights to Rwanda may be fortunate enough to avail it occasionally.These airports have airlines flying namely, Air Burundi, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, SN Brussels Airlines, Rwandair Express and South African Airways. As there are these airlines flying to the Rwanda airport, during slack seasons they offer cheap flights to Rwanda and benefit the traveler.

But, mostly this is offered after confirming these seats are going empty and many times such opportunities are available only in the mid-night or late night flights. The airport has good security checking and the baggage is screened properly. The airports, the lounge and the toilets are clean. No departure tax is charged.

There are enough decent accommodations available to suit all ranges and hence the travelers do not pose any problem and enjoy their visit comfortably.

Airport Hotels in Rwanda