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Airports in Saudi Arabia, Airlines in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a good tourist destination situated in the Middle East. It was a country that was considered impenetrable by most people.

There are places of attraction such as Madain Saleh worth watching. The airports in Saudi Arabia are jam-packed during festival days and religious ceremonies that acquiring tickets is highly impossible.

Cheap flights to Saudi Arabia are offered from international destinations as there are many people who visit this kingdom ,especially during the times of Ramadan and Haj. There are four Saudi Arabia international airports. They are the King Abdul Aziz International Airport, the King Khalid International Airport.

The King Fahd International Airport and the Medina International Airport. The airport at Riyadh is called as the King Khalid International Airport and is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the city center.

List of Top Airports in Saudi Arabia
Abha (AHB) Prince Sultan Air Base (AKH) Alahsa (HOF)
Al-Aqiq (ABT) Arar (RAE) Bisha (BHH)
Gassim Regional Airport (ELQ) Dammam Port (XZF) King Fahd International Airport (DMM)
Dawadmi (DWD) King Abdulaziz AB (DHA) Gurayat (URY)
Hafr Albatin (HBT) Hail (HAS) Jazan (GIZ)
King Abdulaziz International (JED) Khamis Mushait (KMX) King Khalid Military (KMC)
Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz (MED) Majma (MJH) Nejran (EAM)
Qaisumah (AQI) Rafha (RAH) King Khaled Intl (RUH)
Jouf (AJF) Sharurah (SHW) Sulayel (SLF)
Tabuk (TUU) Taif (TIF) Turaif (TUI)
Unayzah (UZH) Wadi Ad Dawasir (WAE) Wedjh (EJH)
Yanbu (YNB) Zilfi (ZUL)

Airport taxis are available from the city. Car rentals are available outside this airport. Cheap flights to Saudi Arabia are available only during slack seasons or mid-weeks. The week ends and holidays are the appropriate times when all the flights are full. The airports facilitate even the disabled travelers, provided the airlines are kept informed in advance.

Similarly, as the airports maintain tight security and adhere to all the safety process, travelers have a comfortable journey.The King Abdul Aziz International Airport is located at a distance of 11 miles from the city of Jeddah. Taxis are available connecting this Saudi Arabia international airport with the city. Limousine service is also available, but it is better to negotiate the fare with the driver.

Bus services also exist. Car rental service is present outside the airport in Saudi Arabia. There are facilities such as a restaurant, shops and money exchange facilities. There is a departure tax of SR50. The Medina International Airport is open only during the times of the haj.

This is done to negotiate the immense crowd coming to Saudi Arabia at that time. The national airline is the Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Airport Hotels in Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Riyadh