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Airports in Sierra Leone, Airlines in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has blossomed recently and is returning to normal life. It is one of the safest destinations in West Africa.

Investors are arriving and reconstruction is continuing and owing to this travelers are coming. The sands are perfect, the culture vibrant with wonderful parks.

Wildlife watchers can enjoy the National Park, Outamba Kilmi. There is only one airport is Sierra Leone and the airport code is FNA. The full name of this airport is Freetown-Lungi international airport. This Sierra Leone international airport is located on the Sierra Leone River that is eight miles towards the north of the city.

The travel options from the Sierra Leone international airport is limited and at present a ferry takes passengers across the river to the city or by road routes that takes nearly four to six hours journey and hence is not recommended to travel at night.

List of Top Airports in Sierra Leone
Bo (KBS) Bonthe (BTE) Daru (DSL)
Hastings (HGS) Lungi International (FNA) Mammy Yoko Heliport (JMY)
Gbangbatok (GBK) Kabala (KBA) Kenema (KEN)
Sierra Leone (SRK) Yengema (WYE)

The cheapest option is to travel by ferry, but the queues are very long consuming several hours. This leads to crime and overloading. Private boat services also are available, but the passengers are asked to use only the local fishing boats owing to safety reasons. Moreover, the passengers arriving at the airport in Sierra Leone should wait over night at the airport and then travel in broad daylight to Freetown.

Staying near the airport is not a hurdle as there are numerous guest houses and hotels, but they have to be booked earlier as the demand is high for these hotel rooms.Helicopter service is run between the Freetown and the airport. However, the airport facilitates a bar, few shops and currency exchange. Flying in an African airline costs US$40, but for this airline the tax gets included in the ticket itself.

Owing to the demand, the cheap tickets to Sierra Leone are available. When it is peak season, cheap tickets to Sierra Leone cannot be imagined as well. This international airport is competent though it is located inconveniently. The return flights cost 500 from London and mostly depart or arrive at ridiculous hours. But the SN Brussels charges are more as they offer better services.

Airlines flying from and to Sierra Leone are Bellview Airlines, SN Brussels, Astraeus and Slok Air.

Airport Hotels in Sierra Leone