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Airports in Slovakia , Airlines in Slovakia

Slovakia is a touted destination. It has alpine peaks to climb, cliff top castles, skiing and several old town cafes.

The numbers of flights are increasing in the aim of welcoming multitudes of low cost carrier junkies. There are traditional villages and terrific trails attracting the tourists.

There are two airports in Slovakia. Bratislava airport is one of the Slovakia international airports that are situated 9kms towards the north east of Bratislava. This airport receives many flights from Europe and hence experiences more traffic every year. Sky Europe, Czech Airlines and Slovak airlines operate frequent flights from and to Slovakia.

This airport is connected to hourly buses.The Slovakia international airport is also known as M.R.Stefanik airport. This airport has 3 terminals and bus service runs from the airport within every 10 to 20 minutes during the day and it takes nearly 25 minutes journey.

List of Top Airports in Slovakia
M. R. (BTS) Sliac (SLD)

The A terminal is for departure, B terminal is for non-Schengen arrivals and C terminal is for Schengen arrivals. Another airport, Poprad –Tatry airport is located in northern Slovakia. This airport in Slovakia has money exchange office, souvenir shop and a snack bar. This airport has recorded 58000 passengers in 2008, showing a decline of 2% than in 2007.

The international airports do not lack security and the baggage screening is done in proper process. However, the passengers are requested to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the departure of the flight so that the check-in process is done smoothly. Conversely, people looking for cheap flights to Slovakia cannot always be benefited.

In fact, they must have lots of patience to avail cheap flights to Slovakia as such benefits are declared only in the last moments. Mostly it is noted that the discounted or cheap seats are allotted only after the perfect confirmation that the seats are totally empty and this is apparent in the late night flights.

Travelers with flexible itinerary can enjoy such features.

Airport Hotels in Slovakia