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Airports in Sri Lanka , Airlines in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a region that is described by many literatures, even before its actual discovery by Marco Polo.

This island acquires frequent flights from all the significant places in the world. As a result of it various tourists who like visiting Sri Lanka take several flights to reach Sri Lanka.

Owing to this there is also a rise in the numbers of cheap flights to Sri Lanka. There are lots of places to visit in Sri Lanka. There is only one Sri Lanka international airport and the process for immigration at this airport is very simple taking very little time.

As there is only one international airport, early bookings will help in saving money and disappointment.Sri Lanka has only one international airport, the Bandaranaike International Airport. This airport is located in the city of Colombo. The code for this airport is CMB.

List of Top Airports in Sri Lanka
Ampara (ADP) Kondavattavan Tank (AFK) Anuradhapura (ACJ)
Batticaloa (BTC) Bentota River (BJT) Bandaranayake (CMB)
Dambulu Oya Tank (DBU) Mawella Lagoon (DIW) Amparai (GOY)
Castlereigh Reservoir (NUF) Hingurakgoda (HIM) Kankesanturai (JAF)
Vic. Resevour Kandy (KDW) Polgolla Reservoir (KDZ) Katukurunda Slaf Base (KTY)
Kelaniya River (KEZ) Koggala (KCT) Mahaweli (KDY)
Minneriya (MNH) Sigiriya Slaf Base (GIU) China Bay (TRR)
Wirawila (WRZ)

This airport in Sri Lanka is located at a distance of 20 miles from Colombo. There are transport services that are offered by hotels and other tour operators. It is always better to confirm about transportation in advance. There are taxis and buses that are offered from this airport. There is also a train station nearby.

The airport in Sri Lanka has all the facilities identical to the other airports such as bank, ATM, restaurant, café, exchange counter, tourist information desk, and more. The airport staffs are informative and courteous to their visitors. The travel agent can help in acquiring cheap flights to Sri Lanka, if any.There are flights arriving from different destinations such as Europe, Middle East and other important places.

Flights operated by other airlines are Austrian Airlines, Condor Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Czech Airlines, Indian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, LTU International Airport, and many more. This Sri Lanka international airport is well connected with destinations such as Chennai, Bangalore, Male, Singapore, Bangkok, Perth, Sydney, Vancouver, London, Prague, Vienna, Dubai and even Paris.

The airport in Sri Lanka is a very busy place being the only international airport.

Airport Hotels in Sri Lanka