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Airports in St. Maarten, Airlines in St. Maarten

St. Maarten is a colorful island situated in the Caribbean Sea. It is a very cheerful and active island that is visited by tourists from all over the world.

This makes the airports of these islands very important places. There are two airports in St. Maarten and both of these airports receive a lot of tourists.

These airports receive commercial flights and there are few cheap flights to St. Maarten that touch down at these airports. From these airports, there are international flights connecting this island to international destinations. This makes it easier for the tourists to access this island even from far off places.

The island of St. Maarten is served by two different airports namely the Juliana Airport and the L’Esperance Airport.

List of Top Airports in St. Maarten

The Juliana Airport receives international flights and acts as a hub for flights such as Winair connecting places such as St-Barthelemy, Montserrat, Saba, Anguilla and Sint Eustatius. Occasionally, cheap flights to St. Maarten are offered even by significant airlines. The full name of this St. Maarten international airport is Princess Juliana International Airport with a code of SXM.

This airport is at a distance of nine miles from St. Maarten. There are regular taxis for transporting the tourists. Car rentals are also present. This airport offers an ATM, a bank, duty free shopping and refreshments.The other airport in St. Maarten is the L’Esperance Airport that receives places from St-Barthelemy, Martinique and Guadelope. Prop planes always head for the L’Esperance airport.

The flights that serve the St. Maarten international airport are Air Canada, Carribean Airlines, Air France, American Eagle, Delta, Continental Airlines, KLM, LIATW, Jet Blue, Insel, Spirit, United, Winair, St Barths Commuter and US Airways. These airlines offer regular flights to help the commuters from the island. Both the airports offer facilities such as ATMs, banks, restaurants and tourist information.

Public transport is very tough and so only taxis are available for transportation.

Airport Hotels in St. Maarten