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Airports in St. Vincent, Airlines in St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a lovely destination that most tourists would love to visit. The allure that this destination offers is something very special.

There is only one airport in St. Vincent, but many prominent airlines offer service. The full name of this St. Vincent international airport is St. Vincent E T Joshua Airport.

The airport code is SVD. This airport is situated at a distance of 1.5 miles from Arnos Vale to the southeast of Kingstown. There are transport facilities offered by taxis as well as local buses from the airport to the city center. Cheap flights to St. Vincent is available only when the flight is literally empty during off-seasons.

The airport in St. Vincent is capable of handling huge foot traffic. It can handle passengers coming from two flights at a stretch.

List of Top Airports in St. Vincent

The St. Vincent international airport is featured with car rentals as they are located at the airport and offer cars on rent to the visitors. The visitors can do self-driving or can ask for drivers. It is best to go with a driver if the visitor is coming for the first time. However, the other facilities offered at the airport are currency exchange, telephones, a bar, shops, a restaurant and an information desk.

The departure tax at this airport is charged from each passenger as EC$40. The numbers of the flights reaching this destination are slowly increasing due to the growth of tourism sector in the island. The process of immigration is very simple. There is a demand for coming to St. Vincent and the airport is well maintained.

The security is also perfect and alert. The disabled travelers are taken appropriate care and given the assistance of wheel chairs. There is room for development and the airport is working towards fulfilling these improvements to progress towards better and efficient service.

Similarly, cheap flights to St.Vincent is an option loved by all the travelers, but only very few can be fortunate.

Airport Hotels in St. Vincent