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Airports in Sudan, Airlines in Sudan

Sudan is a country situated in the most delightful continents in the world namely Africa. There are flights to Sudan from all important destinations.

This is due to the recognition of the tourism acquired in this region. There is only one airport in Sudan connecting lots of international destinations for the convenience of the tourists.

Recently, many cheap flights to Sudan are offered and this can be attributed to the rising numbers of tourists visiting this island. The facilities offered at this airport are serving the tourists more efficiently and hence there is an increase in the numbers of tourists.

The full name of the airport in Sudan is the Khartoum International Airport. It is located outside Khartoum in Al- Amarat. The facilities offered in this airport are very limited.

List of Top Airports in Sudan
Ad-Dabbah (AAD) Atbara (ATB) Galegu (DNX)
Dongola (DOG) El Fasher (ELF) El Obeid (EBD)
Eldebba (EDB) En Nahud (NUD) Gedaref (GSU)
Geneina (EGN) Higlieg (HGI) Juba (JUB)
Kassala (KSL) Civil (KRT) Khashm El Girba (GBU)
Kosti (KST) Malakal (MAK) Merowe (MWE)
New Halfa (NHF) Nyala (UYL) Port Sudan (PZU)
Roseires (RSS) Wad Medani (DNI) Wadi Halfa (WHF)
Wau (WUU)

Only snack machines, some shops and toilets are available at this airport. This airport is being improvised to offer more facilities to the passengers. However, the security is quite alert at the Sudan international airport and the international travelers are expected to arrive at the airport well before time approximately two to three hours before the scheduled time of the departure of the flight.

The Sudan international airport charges from its passengers a departure tax of US$20. This tax can be paid even in the local currency by the natives. This tax is exempted for the passengers who leave within 24 hours. The immigration process is quite simple and do not demand a lot of time.

The time of flight from Khartoum to London is 8 hours.This time is inclusive of even the stoppages of the flight. The national airline of Sudan is the Sudan Airways (SD). Apart from the flights that are offered by the national carriers, there are also other airlines that operate various international carriers.

The other airlines only facilitate by offering cheap flights to Sudan at rare occasions, instead of making a complete loss with empty seats.

Airport Hotels in Sudan