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Airports in Syria , Airlines in Syria

Syria is a safe country not populated by zealots, terrorists and bogeymen. Syrians are friendly as well as hospitable and offer its visitors gentle charms.

Syria is efficient, modern and its administration offers its travelers that they deserve. There is a fair share of historical sites, old shops, mosques and many more.

The main airports in Syria are the Damascus and Aleppo. The Syria airport is in located in the Damascus region and has regular flights to other cities namely, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The other Syria International airport includes the Aleppo and Lattakia.

There is a flight to Cairo once a week and the other flights are frequently used for domestic as well as charter flights.The Damascus international airport is located 18 miles from the Damascus center. There are numerous buses and taxis available from the airports in Syria to reach the city center.

List of Top Airports in Syria
Al Thaurah (SOR) Nejrab (ALP) International (DAM)
Al Jafrah (DEZ) Kameshli (KAC) Latakia (LTK)
Palmyra (PMS)

The Syria international airports are well maintained as well as facilitated with duty free shops, souvenir shop, coffee shop, restaurants and internet café. The arrival hall of these airports is featured with bank that assists in exchanging the currency, if required. The departure tax is charged from each passenger as S₤200.

The Aleppo international airport also features all the services in the airport identical to the Damascus airport. There are car rental offices also in this airport. Besides, the bus service is available to the international bus station. All these facilities lure the tourists to visit Syria frequently and moreover, sometimes the availability of cheap tickets to Syria creates an opportunity to visit Syria.

The national airline of Syria is the Syrian Arab Airlines and it has small fleets including few new purchased airbuses. The Syrianair flies to Cairo and Istanbul and the charges to Cairo is US$158 and to Istanbul US$194 for one way. However, occasionally during off- seasons cheap tickets to Syria looks inviting.

The airports have good security system and screening process of bags.

Airport Hotels in Syria