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Airports in Taiwan, Airlines in Taiwan

Taiwan visitors enter using the Taiwan Taoyuan international airport, though they face immigration procedures. But, the guards are very efficient.

The main airport in Taiwan is the Taiwan Taoyuan international airport. This is located in Dayuan and was earlier known as Chiang Kai shek and is yet recognized at CKS airport.

The other Taiwan international airports are Cing Cyuan Gang and Siaogang Airport. The Taiwan airports handle traffic from all the countries, but majority of the international flights go and come to the Siagong airport and hence occasionally they offer cheap flights to Taiwan. The south East Asia and Hong Kong flights use the Cing Cyuan Gang airport.

The airport is connected by terminals and there are booths for contacting the terminals that are open and can also assist in hotel bookings, bus information and also in acquiring youth travel card.

List of Top Airports in Taiwan
Chi Mei (CMJ) Chiayi (CYI) Green Island (GNI)
Hengchun (HCN) Hsinchu (HSZ) Hualien (HUN)
Kaoshiung International Airport (KHH) Shang-Yi (KNH) Lishan (LHN)
Makung (MZG) Matsu (MFK) Nangan (LZN)
Orchid Island (KYD) Pingtung (PIF) Sun Moon Lake (SMT)
Taichung (TXG) Chingchuankang (RMQ) Tainan (TNN)
Taiwan Taoyuan International (Chiang Kai Shek International) (TPE) Taipei Songshan (Sung Shan) (TSA) Taitung (TTT)
Wonan (WOT)

The airports in Taiwan are well facilitated including free wireless internet, numerous banks featuring currency exchange, showers, mobile phone service desks featuring prepaid sim cards and renting phones, ATM and lost and found. There are several buses running to and from the Taiwan international airports. The average time taken is 60 minutes and the buses are within ever 15 minutes.

Some buses go to domestic airports as well. These buses connect to high speed rail station in 25 minutes. The fare is NT160. The bus cost from the airport to the station is NT20. However, the trains are good to travel except for the rush hours. Taxis charges from the airport to the downtown areas cost NT1200 and going to the opposite direction is NT1000. The domestic terminal is far from the international.

Many international carriers operate under different names namely Nippon Airways. The security is good owing to the frequent international flights and the cheap flights to Taiwan are also a result of numerous flights. The security doses not show any negligence. Tickets for the bus can be bought in the arrival section counters and taxis are metered, but are expensive.

A departure tax of NT$300 is charged on the ticket price.

Airport Hotels in Taiwan