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Airports in Tanzania, Airlines in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that is situated in the naturally abound continent of Africa.

This country has Mount Kilimanjaro and other places such as the Serengeti National Park. Tanzania international airport is the main airport that has constant flights.

There is an increase even in the numbers of cheap flights to Tanzania. This can be attributed of course, to the increase in the numbers of tourists and also in the facilities that are offered in the airports. The security plays a dominant role in offering absolute safety.

The major airport in the Tanzania is the Dar-es-Salaam International airport. The full name of this Tanzania international airport is Julius Nyerere International Airport. The code for this airport is DAR.

List of Top Airports in Tanzania
Arusha (ARK) Bukoba (BKZ) International (DAR)
Dodoma (DOD) Geita (GIT) Nduli (IRI)
Kigoma (TKQ) Kilimanjaro (JRO) Kilwa (KIY)
Lake Manyara (LKY) Kikwetu (LDI) Lushoto (LUY)
Mafia (MFA) Masasi (XMI) Mbeya (MBI)
Mtwara (MYW) Musoma (MUZ) Mwadui (MWN)
Mwanza (MWZ) Nachingwea (NCH) Njombe (JOM)
Wawi (PMA) Seronera (SEU) Shinyanga (SHY)
Songea (SGX) Sumbawanga (SUT) Tabora (TBO)
Tanga (TGT) Kisauni (ZNZ)

This airport in Tanzania is located at a distance of thirteen kilometers to the southwest of the city of Dar-es-Salaam. The transportation to this airport is provided by taxis. These taxis do not have a meter and so it is better to discuss about the fare. A shuttle service is also offered. Car rentals are also offered. There are amenities offered in this airport such as a post office, banks, restaurants, bars, shops, gift shop and facilities for currency exchange.

Apart from the Dar-es-Salaam International airport, there are two other Tanzania international airports such as the Kilimanjaro International Airport and even the Zanzibar International Airport. These airports receive all international flights including the cheap flights to Tanzania. The other airports within Tanzania are the Mwanza Airport and the Mtwara Airport.

The national airline is Air Tanzania but there are also services offered by Precision Air. Tanzania is connected to destinations such as Nairobi, Entebbe, Johannesburg, Mombasa and other destinations. The carriers that offer their services to Tanzania are Air Burundi, Air India, Air Kenya, British Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Oman Air, KLM, Swiss International Airlines and South African Airways.

The departure tax is $5 for domestic flights and $30 for international flights.

Airport Hotels in Tanzania