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Airports in Tunisia , Airlines in Tunisia

Tunisia is an easy destination and the tourists outnumber in high summer even the locals owing to the golden sandy beaches and non-stop sunshine.

The serene beaches offer the touristís great place for relaxation. Tunisia has astonishing places to reside and the package tourism has developed more jobs and is showering prosperity to many parts of Tunisia.

There is only one airport in Tunisia and the airport code is TUN. This airport is located four miles from Tunis. The Tunisia international airport is well served by yellow taxis as well as public buses. The taxis taking the passengers from the airport to the city center may cost around 10 dinars.

The airport in Tunisia has car rental companies facilitating the travelers to reach their destination effortlessly and safely.

List of Top Airports in Tunisia
Djerba-Zarzis (DJE) El Borma (EBM) Gabes (GAE)
Gafsa (GAF) Habib Bourguiba (MIR) Sfax Thyna (SFA)
Tabarka (TBJ) Tozeur (TOE) Carthage (TUN)

The facilities that feature the Tunisia international airport are bank, post office, ATM, bars, cafeterias, restaurants, bureau de change, duty free shop, gift shop, first aid, VIP lounge, travel agent and help desk for the tourists. The departure tax charged from the travelers in 45 Tunisian dinars.

There are standard flights comprising of scheduled as well as chartered to almost all the destinations in Europe and this facilitates in acquiring cheap flights to Tunisia at rare occasions. However, there are no direct flights to America or Asia. Tunisair is the national carrier and the other airlines that operate their flights in and out from Tunisia are air France, British Airways, Lufthansa airlines and Alitalia.

The facilities in the airport are good and the bus and taxi service out of the airport is also well featured.This airport does not charge any departure tax, but they have good security system. The baggage is screened and individuals are checked using metal detectors. There is no chaos in the airport as everything is done methodically.

People looking for cheap flights to Tunisia, should look for the websites of the airlines that may offer discounted fares during off-seasons.

Airport Hotels in Tunisia
Hammamet Midoun Monastir
Sousse Tunis